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Re: Theos-World TS in America

Apr 29, 2008 04:25 PM
by Cass Silva

Although I am not particularly interested in the power structure of the TS, I was thinking that the society needs some young blood that can reconcile current scientific findings with what HPB predicted.  I imagine there are a number of people who qualify for this role, but springing to mind are Reed Carson and David Pratt.  Whether they or anyone stay at the Theosophical Vatican in Adyar, to me, is immaterial.
  If the society is going to keep pace with technology it needs leaders who are part of this century.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the work of the above two gentlemen, and how their work has helped me to, not only understand some of the more scientific issues, but also pass this knowledge on to others.  

MKR <> wrote:
          I just received a mailout from Krishnamurti Foundation in American in which
it is stated that their mailing list in North America has 10,000 members.
Krishnamurti died in 1986. 22 years later this indicates the popularity of
K's philosophy in North America.

Compared to it, we have about 4000 members of TS in America. As a % of the
population, the membership shrunk with all the fan fare of parading PhDs
among the leading theosophists. So we are having an organization which seems
to be going down the hill, in spite of all the tall talk.

The current international electioneering based on incorrect info is not
going to help, unless the leadership places all the facts before the
members soon.

Interesting situation.


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