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Re: [theos-l] Tone etc

Apr 25, 2008 04:55 AM
by MKR

Dear Brothers:

As I
have said before, a simple free phone call to National
Secretary/President will settle the issue.

If anyone has any information contradictory or corrective of my msgs, I
welcome them.

More information that members have before balloting, better informed they
will be and will make the right choice.

Finally, I believe Truth will Triumph.


On 4/25/08, kenosis_ao <> wrote:
> Sir and people in this forum
> BTW:I am not implying in any way that our President is not fit and able
> to continue; on the contrary, I would assume that she is able to make
> that determination for herself.
> What I AM doing is not allowing someone to make asserions 'without
> evidence'; my purpose is to provide the same standard as would be
> required were this not a cyber-forum but one meeting in-person.
> Brother MKR has not met that standard. If he can, then proceed upon
> that basis.
> But I believe, unlike his assertions in previous postings here, that
> the members of the Theosophical Society can make up their own minds
> when presented with facts and not mere assertions.

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