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TS Election - Radha Burnier's Health

Apr 25, 2008 09:22 AM
by MKR

In the election of International President, the issue of Radha Burnier's
health has become central. We have seen how her health was reported to be
good early last year and then in the end of last year doubts were cast by
some National Secretaries about her physical and mental health and her
fitness to carryon the duties of the President.

To allay these doubts, early this month, two physicians declared Radha
Burnier fully fit, both mentally and physically. I discussed these on this
maillist. However, some readers wanted to see scanned copies of originals to
convince themselves about the veracity of the certifications.

Here is a very easy way to confirm the above facts. Anyone interested can
send e-mail to candidates, International Officers, and National
Secretaries(Presidents). The email addresses are available in the Adyar
Website. Any responses received can be posted here for the benefit of all of
us. Multiple source verification is the norm in the journalistic field.

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