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TS President Nominations

Apr 25, 2008 04:43 AM
by MKR

Rules in Katinka's Website State: (My quoting the following does not
violate copyrights -- there are some misguided old members of TS who may be
paranoid about copyright violation!!!!)

"c) Any member of the Society in good standing, having been a member for at
least ten consecutive years immediately preceding his nomination, may be
nominated. Each member of the General Council who is a General Secretary,
shall be entitled to make three nominations and shall consult his Governing
Body before making nominations. The President shall be entitled to make
three nominations. The Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and each
Additional Member of the General Council shall be entitled to make one
nomination. The nominator shall be responsible for ensuring that his
nomination(s) reaches the Secretary within ten weeks of the date of the call
for nomina- tion. The nominee shall be responsible for notifying the
Secretary, within the above-mentioned period of his acceptance of
nomination. One written consent shall suffice for all nominations for that

Since upto three nominations can be made by GS's, it would be interesting to
see if any younger person (younger than 78yrs) got
any nominations. It also would give some idea if there are
any potential successors.
The mortality rate for anyone over 75yrs is quite high.


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