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TS President Election

Apr 25, 2008 05:48 AM
by MKR

Here is a msg and reply that appeared on theos-l. I thought readers here may
be interested.


I will repeat what I have already said before.

Just make a five minute phone call to National HQ and it should settle it.

Please send copies of this and all the messages to whomsover you want.

Again, I am very confident that Truth will Triumph.



On 4/25/08, kenosis_ao <> wrote:


The people on this forum and on others have had ample time to respond
to your allegations in support of what you have said but have chosen
not to support you either here, nor on the other forum. This is very

As you are the accuser, the onus is upon you to supply evidence in
support of your allegations, which you have been unable to do. It is
simply not good enough to keep asserting that the documentation
exists and that we can go to a 3rd party to get it - this does not
prove its existence and nobody here has backed your claims in this
regard either.

At this time, unless and until you provide evidence otherwise, and
taking into account the proven good name and previous work of the
Vice President Algeo and Mrs Bland over a period of decades, I rule,
in this 'court of public opinion' which YOU opened, that you are OUT
OF LINE in your allegations.

Again, the Truth will prevail; loud proclamations of evidence are NOT

So that VP Algeo is aware of your allegations and can choose legal
action should he choose, I will contact him with the contents of this
thread and that of the other forum that you have raised, along with
the text of the emails you have sent out.

The truth will prevail, and in a court of law, there are proper rules
of evidence, rather than of assertion. You have provided a paper
tiger and attempted to besmirch a reputation.

As a final gesture, I would ask you to produce, HERE, any
documentation that you can to support your assertions; I would say
that 48hours is enough time to get to a copy centre and scan
documents and post them.

Otherwise, the members here will need to assume that you are
attempting to influence the election in some way, before the
membership have received their ballots.

There is a very large gap between making assertions and providing
proof and you have not even attempted it.

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