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TS President Election - Some Questions

Apr 21, 2008 05:46 PM
by MKR

Pedro should be congratulated for posting the msg detailing what went on
during the nomination process. And Internet helped to create the problem as
well getting the word out on the politicking that took place.

On reviewing it, several questions arise in my mind.

   1. First and foremost, Elvira Carbonell is the one who contacted the
   General Council members before the official call papers for nomination were
   received by them, was privy to the fact that the papers were mailed and it
   was due to her position as assistant to the Intl Secretary. Her action looks
   like serious misconduct of an employee who handles important and
   confidential matters. In all organizations, such misconduct results in
   immediate termination of the employee and will be asked to immediately clear
   out the offices and as well as any accommodation provided by the employer.
   It would be interesting to find out what actions were taken.
   2. Secondly, such conduct in an organization such as TS is very
   serious and it only brings to my mind the actions of Columbs during HPB
   3. The mailing out of the call for nominations took place on December
   18 and Carbonell sent the e-mail on December 19, the very next day.
   4. Carbonell writes "Since there has been uncertainty about the state
   of our President's health and our Vice-President's willingness and ability
   to accept nominations of the upcoming Presidential election?.etc"
   5. This clearly indicates that the developments did not take place
   between 18th and 19th, but the exploration, politicking canvassing and
   planning must have been going on for weeks if not for months.
   6. Algeo has worked with Radha Burnier for over 30 years. The question
   is: when Algeo was approached by residents/GC members/whomsoever about his
   running for the office, did he have the courtesy of talking to Radha about
   it. From all accounts we have seen, apparently that was not the case.
   7. The above kind of behaviour is typical among politicians in the USA
   and no one is surprised because that is the normal way of doing business in
   the US political scene.
   8. When one sees such a behaviour at the highest levels of
   Theosophists, what we probably see is only the tip of the iceberg of the
   personality. What more to come?
   9. It is also reported that when Radha read Carbonell's letter at the
   GC meeting on December 25, Algeo was noticieably silent. Why did not speak
   up? He is a university professor and is not known to be shy about speaking
   up. To me, his silence spoke louder than any words.
   10. Several days have passed since the Carbonell's letter and other
   info became available on this list and to this day, neither Algeo or any of
   his surrogates have contradicted or corrected any of the facts in the
   messages on the e-mail lists. So it again speaks volumes.

Before the membership around the world casts their ballots, they should look
at all available information and make up their mind.

Once the election is over, there is no point in crying over spilt milk.


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