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Re: Hi Lenny: a question for your question

Nov 05, 2005 12:41 PM
by christinaleestemaker

Hi Lenny,
A short reaction of me, I see my name used where I have not respond 
to your subject Brain wave manipulation.
While I see my name mentioned, also i have not placed anything on 
talk dd 22-10-2005.
So there must be a misunderstanding or another with the same name, 
which I have not seen here yet.
Greetings Christina.Leestemaker.

-- In, leonmaurer@a... wrote:
> In a message dated 10/22/05 9:32:39 PM, to_empower@a... writes:
> > LOL!  Im a bit late in the offer huh...
> > 
> > =D  since I asked the quesiton earler today, I've been reaching 
out on the
> > internet about the subject.
> > 
> > 
> > As I may have mentioned I have a software program which would 
allow me to
> > create  audio files of alpha, theta, delta waves.  I am just 
unsure if it is
> > a benefit to begin meditation practices while inducing the 
> > it could cause premature states that would not be 
a step in
> > the right direction of developing mindfulness and concentration.
> > 
> (Len) That sounds right. Some advanced theosophical meditators tell 
me that 
> it might be dangerous to induce meditative states by artificial 
means and 
> bypass the practice that is necessary to be in full control of ones 
higher states 
> of consciousness. It's been known that untrained people who get 
induced into 
> a low alpha state that opens up some doors into the Astral realm 
have gotten 
> into deep psychological trouble after they encountered some 
nightmarish visions 
> that caused them to panic. That's why I have avoided any use of the 
> phased stereo music techniques advertised on the Internet that 
claim to induce 
> such states. Relaxation is one thing, but encountering a psychic 
> that causes panic, and could induce a heart attack is quite 
another. My advice 
> is to leave such things alone, and go about meditation practices as 
> in Patanjali's Rajah Yoga Aphorisms. You can find it reprinted on 
> Internet at: 
> You might also find William Judge's "Culture of Concentration" 
articles of 
> interest. See:
> t-I.htm and 
> t-II.htm
> > Also, I've one more question.  There isn't much written on the 
effect of
> > gamma brainwaves; much speculation that it is a definite cog in 
> > meditators mind wheel.....what part do you believe gamma 
brainwaves play in
> > meditation?
> > 
> Gamma rhythms appear to be involved in higher mental activity. 
Probably, it 
> is active during deep sleep and has something to do with intuitive 
> understandings which come during such sleep, when we have 
completely transcended our REM 
> dream state and are in direct connection with our spiritual nature 
or higher 
> self -- that is also the highest Samadhi state of meditation. For 
more on the 
> various brain waves, See:
> Hope this helps.
> Lenny
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> Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 10:08 PM
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> Subject: Re: Hi Lenny: a question for your question
> Hi Christina,
> Thanks for the offer, but since the question was asked in 1991, 
I've since
> gotten much information on the subject from researching the 
Internet.  In
> fact, the processes of using special out of phase binaural music 
> has been well developed to induce steady alpha rhythms in the 
listeners mind
> to induce states of near meditation and relaxation.  I'm not to 
sure of its
> efficacy, but Some doctors in alternative medicine, have lately been
> recommending such systems for handling depression and possibly 
curing some
> psychosomatic or self induced diseases. Similar neurofeedback 
methods are
> also used for treatment of ADD and other attention deficit 
problems -- as a
> substitute for harmful drugs such as Ridilen. On the other hand, 
> techniques, using direct projection of electrical or sound waves 
have also
> been experimented with and used as psychic weapons. So, like all 
> things, there are both benign and detrimental applications.  Many 
> medicines in overdoses can also cause disease or kill.  I guess 
it's a good
> idea to use caution in considering any techniques used for 
manipulation of
> the mind or brain.  For some more on these subjects, See:
> tm
> If you are interested in this topic, there's much more to be found 
under the
> search phrase "Biofeedback brain wave manipulation" on
> Best regards,
> Lenny
> In a message dated 10/22/05 4:44:33 PM, to_empower@a... writes:
>     I was reading on your ABC homepage and encountered the 
>     "--but, also, to the brain's alpha, beta, theta, delta and other
> rhythms measured by the EEG. (We could use more information on 
actual brain
> wave measurements during the various levels of sleep, dreaming and
> meditation. Does anyone have any comparative data on this?.) "
>     =] I had to stop mid paragraph to let you know - that a few 
> ago i found a software program called cooledit...for audio file 
creation and
> editing.  In it are instructions on how to create those various 
waves thru
> frequencies generated by the digital/analog apparatus on your
> run-of-the-mill audio interface card....
>     So, though i do not have any "data" per se on the subject, i do 
> the information contained within the help files. If this seems of 
> interest to you, let me know and i will get you as much info as is 
> [i am good like that]  =D
>     So, now onto my question.  Whereas it is possible to affect the
> level of consciousness thru externally-applied manipulation / 
> exposure to beta, theta, delta, etc. waves:  Is this something that 
> not be taken lightly?  I mean, it seems like a sudden altered state 
> consciousness could either be extremely theraputic, or extremely 
> to someone...could you offer your input?
>     ~Christina
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