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RE: [bn-study] Glamour

Nov 03, 2005 04:32 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 3 2005

Dear Steve:

Fully agreed with your conclusion.

Thanks and best wishes   

(see some notes below) 



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From: Steven Levey 

Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 10:08 AM

Subject: GLAMOUR by W Q Judge

Great article Dal-

SL	I wonder if a good deal of our personal suffering isn't based
our addiction to glamours of different types, and then the "awakening"
from them.


DTB	PROBABLY -- also we take our personal emotional reaction too

Detachment is essential -- by firmness of mental position, and our innate
SELF-power and WILL is essential to distinguish fancy and fear from the One

What is that?  

WE ARE IMMORTAL MONADS -- and we cannot be destroyed by anything. 

Holding to this we can face down any "Dwellers on the Threshold" that may
seek to scare and deter us.

The one secret is MORAL STRENGTH -- if we are invulnerable in that -- we
need not "tremble."  

This the "PATH" the Buddha taught.

Can we adopt it as a way of life beginning from now ? Or -- TRY ? 

Voice p. 34

"Have perseverance as one who doth for evermore endure. Thy shadows live and
vanish; that which in thee shall live for ever, that which in thee knows,
for it is knowledge, is not of fleeing life: it is the man that was, that
is, and will be, for whom the hour shall never strike."

Voice p.63

"All is impermanent in man except the pure bright essence of Alaya. 

Man is its crystal ray; a beam of light immaculate within, a form of clay
material upon the lower surface. 

That beam is thy life-guide and thy true Self, the Watcher and the silent
Thinker, the victim of thy lower Self. Thy Soul cannot be hurt but through
thy erring body; control and master both, and thou art safe when crossing to
the nearing "Gate of Balance."


SL	The effects of our misbegotten deeds in relation to the
seem to follow behind us like a shadow and they seem to effect the
present activities. 


DTB	The above attitude should abolish such fears. 
we have t determine our own future in this way. There is no substitute. 


Voice p. 13

"Strive with thy thoughts unclean before they overpower thee. Use them as
they will thee, for if thou sparest them and they take root and grow, know
well, these thoughts will overpower and kill thee. 

Beware, Disciple, suffer not, e'en though it be their shadow, to approach.
For it will grow, increase in size and power, and then this thing of
darkness will absorb thy being before thou hast well realized the black foul
monster's presence.

Before the "mystic Power" can make of thee a God, Lanoo, thou must have
gained the faculty to slay they lunar form at will.

The Self of Matter and the SELF of Spirit can never meet. One of the twain
must disappear; there is no place for both.

Ere thy Soul's mind can understand, the bud of personality must be crushed
out, the worm of sense destroyed past resurrection."

As I understand this it means we center our will in Higher Manas -- the
BUDDHI MANAS which resists all evil and vice -- it is the "voice of

It speaks imperatively if we focus our life in following it. 

And that is of great value.

Voice 27-9

"...Before thou takest thy first step learn to discern the real from the
false, the ever-fleeting from the everlasting. Learn above all to separate
Head-learning from Soul-Wisdom, the "Eye" from the "Heart" doctrine.

Yea, ignorance is like unto a closed and airless vessel; the soul a bird
shut up within. It warbles not, nor can it stir a feather; but the songster
mute and torpid sits, and of exhaustion dies. [ 28 ]

But even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to
illuminate and guide it.

The seeds of Wisdom cannot sprout and grow in airless space. 

To live and reap experience the mind needs breadth and depth and points to
draw it towards the Diamond Soul. (1) Seek not those points in Maya's realm;
but soar beyond illusions, search the eternal and the changeless SAT, (2)
mistrusting fancy's false suggestions.

For mind is like a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects. (3) It needs
the gentle breezes of Soul-Wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions.
Seek, O Beginner, to blend thy Mind and Soul.

Shun ignorance, and likewise shun illusion. Avert thy face from world
deceptions; mistrust thy senses, they are false. But within thy body [ 29 ]
-the shrine of thy sensations-seek in the Impersonal for the "eternal man"
(1); and having sought him out, look inward: thou art Buddha. (2)

Shun praise, O Devotee. Praise leads to self-delusion. 

Thy body is not self, thy SELF is in itself without a body, and either
praise or blame affects it not."


SL	Upon awakening from our momentary glamour we often
feel remorse as we look behind and are bewildered by our own pasts.

Perhaps this is one of the messages connected to HPB's line from The
Voice of The Silence: "Look not behind or though art lost".



Correct: The "past" cannot be 'undone.' But we will always be able too
'meet' it.

V p. 17 "Kill thy desires, Lanoo, make thy vices impotent, ere the
first step is taken on the solemn journey.

Strangle thy sins, and make them dumb for ever, before thou dost lift one
foot to mount the ladder.

Silence thy thoughts and fix thy whole attention on thy Master whom yet thou
dost not see, but whom thou feelest. [ 18 ]

Merge into one sense thy senses, if thou would'st be secure against the foe.
'Tis by that sense alone which lies concealed within the hollow of thy
brain, that the steep path which leadeth to thy Master may be disclosed
before thy Soul's dim eyes.

Long and weary is the way before thee, O Disciple. One single thought about
the past that thou hast left behind, will drag thee down and thou wilt have
to start the climb anew."



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