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Re: Hi Lenny: a question for your question

Nov 02, 2005 05:47 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 10/22/05 9:32:39 PM, writes:

> LOL!  Im a bit late in the offer huh...
> =D  since I asked the quesiton earler today, I've been reaching out on the
> internet about the subject.
> As I may have mentioned I have a software program which would allow me to
> create  audio files of alpha, theta, delta waves.  I am just unsure if it is
> a benefit to begin meditation practices while inducing the brainwave
> it could cause premature states that would not be a step in
> the right direction of developing mindfulness and concentration.
(Len) That sounds right. Some advanced theosophical meditators tell me that 
it might be dangerous to induce meditative states by artificial means and 
bypass the practice that is necessary to be in full control of ones higher states 
of consciousness. It's been known that untrained people who get induced into 
a low alpha state that opens up some doors into the Astral realm have gotten 
into deep psychological trouble after they encountered some nightmarish visions 
that caused them to panic. That's why I have avoided any use of the various 
phased stereo music techniques advertised on the Internet that claim to induce 
such states. Relaxation is one thing, but encountering a psychic situation 
that causes panic, and could induce a heart attack is quite another. My advice 
is to leave such things alone, and go about meditation practices as outlined 
in Patanjali's Rajah Yoga Aphorisms. You can find it reprinted on the 
Internet at:
You might also find William Judge's "Culture of Concentration" articles of 
interest. See:
t-I.htm and

> Also, I've one more question.  There isn't much written on the effect of
> gamma brainwaves; much speculation that it is a definite cog in the
> meditators mind wheel.....what part do you believe gamma brainwaves play in
> meditation?
Gamma rhythms appear to be involved in higher mental activity. Probably, it 
is active during deep sleep and has something to do with intuitive 
understandings which come during such sleep, when we have completely transcended our REM 
dream state and are in direct connection with our spiritual nature or higher 
self -- that is also the highest Samadhi state of meditation. For more onthe 
various brain waves, See:

Hope this helps.


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Subject: Re: Hi Lenny: a question for your question

Hi Christina,

Thanks for the offer, but since the question was asked in 1991, I've since
gotten much information on the subject from researching the Internet.  In
fact, the processes of using special out of phase binaural music recordings
has been well developed to induce steady alpha rhythms in the listeners mind
to induce states of near meditation and relaxation.  I'm not to sure of its
efficacy, but Some doctors in alternative medicine, have lately been
recommending such systems for handling depression and possibly curing some
psychosomatic or self induced diseases. Similar neurofeedback methods are
also used for treatment of ADD and other attention deficit problems -- as a
substitute for harmful drugs such as Ridilen. On the other hand, such
techniques, using direct projection of electrical or sound waves have also
been experimented with and used as psychic weapons. So, like all good
things, there are both benign and detrimental applications.  Many curative
medicines in overdoses can also cause disease or kill.  I guess it's a good
idea to use caution in considering any techniques used for manipulation of
the mind or brain.  For some more on these subjects, See:

If you are interested in this topic, there's much more to be found under the
search phrase "Biofeedback brain wave manipulation" on

Best regards,


In a message dated 10/22/05 4:44:33 PM, writes:

    I was reading on your ABC homepage and encountered the following:
    "--but, also, to the brain's alpha, beta, theta, delta and other
rhythms measured by the EEG. (We could use more information on actual brain
wave measurements during the various levels of sleep, dreaming and
meditation. Does anyone have any comparative data on this?.) "
    =] I had to stop mid paragraph to let you know - that a few years
ago i found a software program called cooledit...for audio file creation and
editing.  In it are instructions on how to create those various waves thru
frequencies generated by the digital/analog apparatus on your
run-of-the-mill audio interface card....
    So, though i do not have any "data" per se on the subject, i do have
the information contained within the help files. If this seems of any
interest to you, let me know and i will get you as much info as is available
[i am good like that]  =D
    So, now onto my question.  Whereas it is possible to affect the
level of consciousness thru externally-applied manipulation / intentional
exposure to beta, theta, delta, etc. waves:  Is this something that should
not be taken lightly?  I mean, it seems like a sudden altered state of
consciousness could either be extremely theraputic, or extremely detrimental
to someone...could you offer your input?

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