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Re: Theos-World reading, not between the lines and within the words.

Nov 02, 2005 05:30 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your reply. I am at a loss in making out your exact reference, 
could you direct me to it precisely?

<<How much is true and fact? Guesses?<<

I don't know what specifically you are asking about here in the above, the 
Green Language Article? Or some other content on the Vincent Bridges Website?

>>If Jesus died at 80 (?) then..... (let me offer this <<

Where is this taken from? I have not read all the links on his website. My 
specific focus was on the Green Language of the Light Article, I had remembered 
this as a result of Sufilight's mention of the "Assembly of the Birds" an old 
Sufi Work. I was also reminded of the Ring Opera of Wagner where the Hero in 
the act of slaying the Titan now Dragon Fafner in his Cave of Treasures 
accidentally tastes the Dragon's Blood and is communicated with the ability to 
understand the Language of the Birds. Richard Wagner incorporated a tradition(s) 
into his Opera(s).


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