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Re: Theos-World compassion thoughts on osho

Dec 07, 2004 11:48 AM
by krishtar

Dear Morten
Sincerely, I never read a book by Idries, although I had seen one in a bookstore months ago.
I am a total ignorant on Sufism...
Maybe you could help me giving the lightest books´ list for a beginner...yep?

About Rajneesh:

I didn´t mean to discuss in that level Morten, I was just trying to findsomeone here that could trade a few impressions on him, with open mind andwith no preconceived ideas. A theosophist as one said have to look for thetruth and answers to his question-marks with dilligence, wisdom, or I wouldn´t take my time, sit and read and write with my poor eenglisch ( smile), I am an ignorant looking for answers and, as human I am, I get a bit annoyed with the lack of empathy and compassion by many who even occupied important positions inside TS and its branches. Not only over here but in many places.
We sometimes criticize many old theosophers from the beginning of the movement but nowadays we see that these criticisms come from people who seem that daily they loose the rare oportunities to be gentle and warmhearted when a single divergence arrises.
If the group or media did not permit a true and openminded freedom of thought with respect and empathy there is no worth in discussing such important matters.
It is just a sincere and though imprecise point of view.


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From: M. Sufilight 
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 3:43 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World compassion thoughts on osho

Hallo friends and all,

My views are:

I think I have referred to the below words before.
But I will gladly state them again:

"The bitter truth is that before man can know his own inadequacy,
or the competence of another man or institution, he must first learn
something which will enable him to perceive both. Note well that his
perception itself is a product of right study; not of instinct or
emotional attraction to the individual, nor yet of desiring to 'go it
alone'. This is 'Learning How To Learn."

That is why it is better to seek Learning than to discuss Osho and otherson 
a level
which leads practically almost nowhere, but into the realms of emotional and 
intellectual stimulations.
As it was said: We shall know them on their fruits.
(I know what I think when I compare Blavatsky with either Krishnamurti or 
Osho. But Learning and Knowledge are both important and should not be 
avoided and exchanged for mere emotionalism or intellecutal analysing. )

Let us not just stimulate the emotions. Let us seek to learn and to teach 
the inner esoterical organ.
Well this was just a few views.

Now I have one single - and still unanswered question:
Was Idries Shah the teacher mentioned by Blavatsky, who possibly would 
arrive after the years 1975 ?

M. Sufilight

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From: "Bart Lidofsky" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 6:13 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World compassion thoughts on osho

> krishtar wrote:
>> Damn it! So it was you who wrote! (smile) If you have never read what
>> he said, there is nothing I can say, but if you did you would not
>> believe in any " convictions", for we know the tree by its fruits.
> That's right. I judge Osho by his actions, and not just his writings.
>> If one wants to know who HPB was and take the Peter Washington´s "The
>> Mme. Blavatsky´s Baboon" or some excerpts from the SPR it is
>> will think she was a liar and a fraud.
> Except that Peter Washington's work was not made available for peer
> review. In fact, most of his accusations about H. P. Blavatsky really
> were taking the statements of Alice Bailey, and attributing them to
> Blavatsky.
>> government " of his "disciples" interests. The intoxication was real
>> Bart, but remember that he used to be somebody who always talked
>> openly the truth, whomever it might concern, no everybody appreciates
>> it, and at that time there was much concern in making him a
>> criminal.
> So, he didn't have sex with minors? They were all lying?
>> simplified version in mind, the choice is yours. He never practised
>> bioterrorism. Not him. That is what I believe and I had to say.
> Here's an interesting article from one who knew him, and considered him
> to be a holy man:
> Bart
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