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Dec 06, 2004 11:15 AM
by Regina St Clare

I just wrote a long response to Bart and it got deleted somehow.
I will get back on this distinction of respect, tolerance and acceptance.

Radical compassion is the issue I think.
How can we judge who is in his heart is unsaved or unsavable?
Where does Love thy Enemy come in?
And,yes, stealing property is an issue that needs legal attention and hopefully justice.
As for homosexuals,(though it is said that Leadbeater was homosexual)or people in the meat industry/non vegetarians not being accepted in the inner circles of the higher orders, I understand the rational, but where do you draw the lines between inclusion and exclusion and how do we really know what's in a person's heart.

Overacceptance can be a problem.
What is right acceptance?

There is a recent book on Radical Compassion, exact title/author not remembered at the moment.Some good examples on the problem. Deerfield Lodge had that author, if you want to go further. 

All in all, I think the theos- talk group who seem diverse enough, are a respectful bunch and really make a good effort to work through differences.

I also notice that ts-ers become very silent when they do not want to answer certain questions or issues, perhaps when they are wrong and are unwilling to make corrections.

I have had a several good experience with a wrong that was done and was corrected. That was hopeful. In other cases, there seems to be no mechanism for resolving differences or healing issues between people.

The point is that there is often more contention than harmony.
Am I projecting? That's also possible.

Maybe this is about 4th Ray conflict on the way to harmony?

I leave this post with more questions that answers. I do believe there is a lack of relationship healing effort and committment in certain ts circles. Perhaps I am over-sensitive or radically judgmental or just a pest on this issue.

And maybe we are not really talking about the same thing here, which often happens in these chats.

Maybe someone is able to help 


-- Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:

Regina St Clare wrote:
> One and All, To me, the day when any one who calls himself a
> theosophist can actually accept the point of view of another, without
> defense or offense in thought, word or deed, then we will have the
> true spirit of what HPB, in her best intention, flaws and all, was
> dedicated to accomplishing.

As a theosophist, you should know that things are not that simple.

Do you believe that includes, for example, a belief in genocide? A 
belief that some people are naturally inferior to each other based on 
who their parents were? That people who have sexual preferences for the 
same gender are automatically evil? That seizing the property of the 
Theosophical Society for use by another organization is a right and 
proper thing to do? That there is only one path to the truth, and that 
everybody not following that path should drop it and follow that one 
true path?

I don't think that Blavatsky would have any trouble with people having 
difficulty accepting those points of view. There is a difference between 
tolerance, respect, and acceptance.


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