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Dec 06, 2004 12:24 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Regina St Clare wrote:
Radical compassion is the issue I think. How can we judge who is in
his heart is unsaved or unsavable? Where does Love thy Enemy come in?
First of all, not all of us belong to the Cult of the Failed Messiah. Second of all, there is a difference between loving an enemy and loving the enemy's ideas.

And,yes, stealing property is an issue that needs legal attention and
hopefully justice. As for homosexuals,(though it is said that
Leadbeater was homosexual)or people in the meat industry/non
vegetarians not being accepted in the inner circles of the higher
orders, I understand the rational, but where do you draw the lines
between inclusion and exclusion and how do we really know what's in a
person's heart.
Depends on what you mean by inclusion and exclusion. Frankly, the only membership application the New York Theosophical Society turned down when I was on the Board of Directors was one where the person specifically stated that they wished to join the NYTS for the purpose of using it as a base to start his own religion.

I also notice that ts-ers become very silent when they do not want to
answer certain questions or issues, perhaps when they are wrong and
are unwilling to make corrections.
Sometimes, I will be silent on an issue because the person on the other side clearly has no intention of paying attention to anything I say, and saying it would be a waste of time and effort.

The point is that there is often more contention than harmony. Am I
projecting? That's also possible.
And why is that a problem?

Maybe this is about 4th Ray conflict on the way to harmony?
What's the 4th Ray?


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