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Anand censors many postings to "Theosophical" group

Sep 27, 2004 07:06 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


You wrote:

"My simple questions were censored by the 
moderator in the new email group Theosophical
Perhaps others here did not know about this 
policy of this new group and my also
be interested in the questions, so I 
place them here in theos-talk, the only
free email group I know of where fanatical 
party liners have NOT the last word
which is always NO."

Frank, thanks for the update.

It is interesting that Anand has written
a number of times about the Theosophical
Society believing in COMPLETE freedom of 
thought and also saying that he believes
in freedom of thought.

Yet a number of subscribers to Anand's Theosophical group
has written me about Anand's censoring
even "innocent" posts concerning questions
about Blavatsky's books and Theosophical subjects
in general.

Over the last month or so I have sent a number
of posts NOT dealing with controversial subjects,
such as a simple list of introductory videos, etc.
on Theosophy, and these posts were rejected, that is

Apparently Anand believes in "freedom of thought"
only as regards what you can believe or disbelieve
in your own mind but he believes in censoring
any and all communications to the above group
if it deviates from his belief system.

I am beginning to conclude that Anand's "mindset"
is similar if not identical to the "mindset" found
in many sections and magazines of the TS Adyar. 
They give the party line about "freedom of thought"
but censor anything they feel might threaten
the "status quo".

Let us rejoice that Eldon Tucker does not
censor postings to Theos-Talk.


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