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Re: Theos-World Political timidity

Sep 27, 2004 06:51 PM
by ringding777

That is quite correct. Everyone should begin with himself,
an individual also as a nation.

But what the difference is in the comparing the police in
India and American soldiers in Iraq is that it is not known
that the former are masking their crimes under sweet words
(cant): "democracy" (exploitation of the masses from a
little vampire clique), "freedom" (to commit any crime they
want, without fear consequences), "liberation" (from money,
self rule, soil resources).

We have made in Germany the same experience of liberation.
These liberation continues now since 59 years. According to
the Hague international law an occupation army must stay
maximally for 60 years.

Will the Americans end the liberation in 2005? Will the
occupation troops leave Germany to liberate other nations?
And will they take all their freedom with them with whom
they have enjoyed us over that long years - press freedom,
democracy, porn, gangsters, mafia, lying politicians as
standard, survival of the fittest, superficial dispersal
including faked laughter from tape as substitute for culture
and higher life, their education methods, their scientific
methods, will they?


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> Not necessarily. See the 'On the Watch-Tower' notes for
> "The
> Theosophist", July 2004:
I did, and agree wholeheartedly with Mrs. Burnier's
condemnation of
the US media for its scandalous behavior in this instance.
she does not acknowledge that, as a recent Washington Post
article by
an Indian writer reports:

"India has the highest number of cases of police torture and
deaths among the world's democracies and the weakest law
torture," said Ravi Nair, who heads the South Asia Human
Documentation Center. "The police often operate in a climate
impunity, where torture is seen as routine police behavior
to extract
confessions from small pickpockets to political suspects."

It would take more political courage for an Indian to
torture in India than in Iraq.


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