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Re:Re: Blavatsky writes: "Mistakes have now to be checked by the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS...

Sep 23, 2004 09:16 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 09/23/04 9:15:08 AM, writes:

>Leon wrote,
>> Incidentally, the concept of "rays" by these later teachers in order to 
>> justify a personalized hierarchical ruling system of descended (or 
>>ascended) Masters,... is a much distorted interpretation of the occult and 
>>impersonal nature of reality as presented by the Masters through HPB, 
>There is an ancient concept of rays that might be what HPB was 
>alluding to in her SD. It is the 7 rays that are in the Vedic 
>teachings. They are explained by Sri Aurobindo in his works on the 
>Vedas. There is a correspondance between the 7 Rishis with seven 
>stars and the seven gotras (lineages) but in many ways it doesn't fit 
>with the later theosophical models developed after HPB's death. I 
>think this (the vedic) is the teaching that HPB was hinting at. I may 
>be wrong.

As I see it from a metaphysical and scientific point of view -- in the 
original teachings, "Rays" refer solely to the different orders of energy emanating 
(initially as "lines" or "strings" of force) in a spiral vortical manner from 
the primal laya point -- that, individually, form the first spherically 
involved coadunate but not consubstantial fields of consciousness -- identified as 
the initial "Dhyan Chohans" or "Rishis" who are the "Architects" of the 

These all wise beings of the highest spiritual nature, encased within the 
surrounding primal field of Mahatma, are, in effect, the forerunners of the 
individual "lineage's" that represent the predominant natures of the seven races as 
they evolve from spirit to matter on each of the seven rounds. They also 
represent the seven fold inner natures of each individual sentient being -- from 
Atma to the Physical Body. 

In the original teachings, either outlined in the SD, as recorded in the Book 
of Dzyan (extracted from the Kiu-te or Book of the Golden Precepts) or, 
explained in the Vedas -- although there is a hierarchy of knowledge and wisdom 
applied to different constructions within the Cosmos -- there appears to be no 
intent to represent these lineage's as the basis of a governmental or "ruling" 
hierarchy on any of the individually spiritual-mental, yet subtly substantial 
higher planes, or on the lower, more substantial astral-material planes. Such a 
governing hierarchy would be in direct opposition to the laws of karma that 
depend for their enforcement on free will and naturally guided evolution -- 
based solely on the three Fundamental Principles without conscious interference 
(other than initiating teachings related to study and practice) -- until a true 
brotherhood on Earth is achieved through our own individual self devised and 
self determined efforts.

Accordingly, some of the later theosophy teachers who came after HPB greatly 
distorted these concepts of "Rays" and Chohan-Rishis, and conflated them with 
their "channeled" "descended" and "ascended" Masters -- in order to conform to 
their preconceived notions about establishing a new, organized, supposedly 
theosophical religion, linked to Christianity, that could only be enforced by 
inventing and promulgating a hierarchical ruling system with a carnalized 
Messiah at its head, and absorbing all other religions (or eliminating the 
recalcitrant ones) into a "New World Order." (This was and is directly opposed to the 
teachings of HPB and the Masters for whom she was their only ordained 

Could that be why those later teachers, notably AB and CWL, during the early 
part of the 20th century were friendly with both the original National 
Socialists in Germany and the Fascists in Italy and Spain? And why, today, the 
Arcane Group of the Lucis Trust (founded by AAB) has managed to infiltrate and 
indoctrinate the UN and the current US administration with their version of such a 
New (Christianized) World Order? Could it be that the blind followers of this 
pernicious system of dictatorial rule under such a supposedly theosophical 
religion (identified as a form of "Liberal Catholicism") are entering into a 
path that seems to be closer to fulfilling the aims of the Dugpas rather than the 
Master's sanctioned Objects of the Theosophical Movement as originally 
presented by HPB? Considering this, wouldn't it be wise for us to more closely 
examine what "Forming the nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity" really 
means -- in the light of the following two objectives? 


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