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Re:Re: Blavatsky writes: "Mistakes have now to be checked by the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS...

Sep 24, 2004 06:57 PM
by nhcareyta

--- In, leonmaurer@a... wrote:
> In a message dated 09/23/04 9:15:08 AM, arasophia@y... writes:
> >Leon wrote,
> >> 
> >> Incidentally, the concept of "rays" by these later teachers in 
order to 
> >> justify a personalized hierarchical ruling system of descended 
> >>ascended) Masters,... is a much distorted interpretation of the 
occult and 
> >>impersonal nature of reality as presented by the Masters through 
> >
> >There is an ancient concept of rays that might be what HPB was 
> >alluding to in her SD. It is the 7 rays that are in the Vedic 
> >teachings. They are explained by Sri Aurobindo in his works on the 
> >Vedas. There is a correspondance between the 7 Rishis with seven 
> >stars and the seven gotras (lineages) but in many ways it doesn't 
> >with the later theosophical models developed after HPB's death. I 
> >think this (the vedic) is the teaching that HPB was hinting at. I 
> >be wrong.
> >
> >Koshek
> As I see it from a metaphysical and scientific point of view -- in 
> original teachings, "Rays" refer solely to the different orders of 
energy emanating 
> (initially as "lines" or "strings" of force) in a spiral vortical 
manner from 
> the primal laya point -- that, individually, form the first 
> involved coadunate but not consubstantial fields of consciousness --
identified as 
> the initial "Dhyan Chohans" or "Rishis" who are the "Architects" of 
> Universe.
> These all wise beings of the highest spiritual nature, encased 
within the 
> surrounding primal field of Mahatma, are, in effect, the 
forerunners of the 
> individual "lineage's" that represent the predominant natures of 
the seven races as 
> they evolve from spirit to matter on each of the seven rounds. They 
> represent the seven fold inner natures of each individual sentient 
being -- from 
> Atma to the Physical Body. 
> In the original teachings, either outlined in the SD, as recorded 
in the Book 
> of Dzyan (extracted from the Kiu-te or Book of the Golden Precepts) 
> explained in the Vedas -- although there is a hierarchy of 
knowledge and wisdom 
> applied to different constructions within the Cosmos -- there 
appears to be no 
> intent to represent these lineage's as the basis of a governmental 
or "ruling" 
> hierarchy on any of the individually spiritual-mental, yet subtly 
> higher planes, or on the lower, more substantial astral-material 
planes. Such a 
> governing hierarchy would be in direct opposition to the laws of 
karma that 
> depend for their enforcement on free will and naturally guided 
evolution -- 
> based solely on the three Fundamental Principles without conscious 
> (other than initiating teachings related to study and practice) -- 
until a true 
> brotherhood on Earth is achieved through our own individual self 
devised and 
> self determined efforts.
> Accordingly, some of the later theosophy teachers who came after 
HPB greatly 
> distorted these concepts of "Rays" and Chohan-Rishis, and conflated 
them with 
> their "channeled" "descended" and "ascended" Masters -- in order to 
conform to 
> their preconceived notions about establishing a new, organized, 
> theosophical religion, linked to Christianity, that could only be 
enforced by 
> inventing and promulgating a hierarchical ruling system with a 
> Messiah at its head, and absorbing all other religions (or 
eliminating the 
> recalcitrant ones) into a "New World Order." (This was and is 
directly opposed to the 
> teachings of HPB and the Masters for whom she was their only 
> "messenger.") 
> Could that be why those later teachers, notably AB and CWL, during 
the early 
> part of the 20th century were friendly with both the original 
> Socialists in Germany and the Fascists in Italy and Spain? And 
why, today, the 
> Arcane Group of the Lucis Trust (founded by AAB) has managed to 
infiltrate and 
> indoctrinate the UN and the current US administration with their 
version of such a 
> New (Christianized) World Order? Could it be that the blind 
followers of this 
> pernicious system of dictatorial rule under such a supposedly 
> religion (identified as a form of "Liberal Catholicism") are 
entering into a 
> path that seems to be closer to fulfilling the aims of the Dugpas 
rather than the 
> Master's sanctioned Objects of the Theosophical Movement as 
> presented by HPB? Considering this, wouldn't it be wise for us to 
more closely 
> examine what "Forming the nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of 
Humanity" really 
> means -- in the light of the following two objectives? 
> Leonardo

Brilliant, with profound implications on so many levels.

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