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Re: Blavatsky writes: "Mistakes have now to be checked by the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS...

Sep 21, 2004 03:05 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 09/18/04 8:20:21 PM, writes:

>Our Globe, as taught from the first, is at the bottom of 
>the arc of descent, where the matter of our perceptions exhibits 
>itself in its grossest form. . . . . . . Hence it only stands to 
>reason that the globes which overshadow our Earth must be on 
>different and superior planes. In short, as Globes, they are in CO-
>pertain to quite another state of consciousness. 

Just as are the 7 fold (8 field) inner states of human consciousness 
(awareness-will) descending as spherical "fields of consciousness" out of Mahatma (the 
first force field of pure Spirit) from Atma, Buddhi, Manas, through Kama, and 
ascending (figuratively speaking) to Prana, Astral form, Physical body to 
Quantum Force Field (vehicle of Kundalini, the negative force of pure Matter 
balancing the positive force of pure Spirit). This sequence is identical to the 
sequence of the states of consciousness of the Earth as it descends and ascends 
through the "Four Lokas or Worlds" (Spiritual, Mental, Astral, Physical)... 
"As above, so below." 

This interpretation, incidentally, (based on the fundamental laws of cycles, 
rationally, i.e., mathematically, geometrically and topologically extended) is 
a deeper occult interpretation of the "7 globes" which actually refers to the 
seven coadunate zero-points or Chakra centers of consciousness 
(awareness-will) that conjoin these globes or "fields of consciousness" -- since, the inner 
globes are surrounded by the Mahatma field -- the highest globe of the 
"Supreme Spirit"... Thus, the phrase "7 fold" (referring to the zero-points between 
the 8 inner globes) becomes the key to their understanding... Since, the first 
globe (Atma) of the 8 inner globes is the reflection of that outer field -- 
which, being spiritual and immaterial, is not of the same substantiality as the 
following 7 more materialized globes that are also "not in consubstantiality" 
with each other. 

For a clearer visualization of these "globes," their one pointed centers of 
awareness, and their logical involution out of the initial abstract motion or 
"spinergy" of the primal source, see the symbolic cross sectional cyclic 
diagrams at: 

Also, we should not confuse the seven globes (as those "rounds" descending 
and ascending through the four worlds illustrated on HPB's symbolic diagram in 
the SD) with the globes of the descent from Spiritualized substance (subtle 
energy) to physicalized matter (crystallized energy) that are the fundamental (7 
fold) natures of both the Earth being and us Human beings... Both entities 
composed of 8 globes or "fields of consciousness" in 7 fold states or 
"zero-points" (sometimes called "planes") of "consciousness" (awareness of those fields 
of consciousness) surrounded by the all containing 9th globe of the Mahatma 
aspect of the Supreme Spirit -- which, in turn, would have two higher states of 
consciousness (awareness) that are beyond human experience (at least, when the 
spirit is in the body). For the more intuitive student, these ideas could be 
further extended by analogy and correspondence to infer the nature of the 
after death states as well as the dream and deep sleep "states of consciousness," 
along with their "fields of consciousness" and their individualized 
"electrical" or "coenergetic" characteristics.

It should be noted that the teachings in the SD regarding these metaphysical 
systems are, as HPB said, only an "outline." And, therefore, their deeper 
understanding must be intuited (tempered by reason) and not taken literally. This 
accounts for the discrepancies between the numbers of divisions, 7, 10, 12, 
14, etc., spoken of by HPB (as original transmitter of the Masters teachings) in 
the SD referring to planes, states, etc. (and sometimes garbled by the 
difficulties in using English as a metaphysical language) -- which were later 
partially misinterpreted, and/or intentionally distorted and confused by AB, CWL, 
AAB, Perucker, and other theosophical teachers, who ended up sometimes 
contradicting HPB, the Masters, and each other. 

Incidentally, the concept of "rays" by these later teachers in order to 
justify a personalized hierarchical ruling system of descended (or ascended) 
Masters, along with a carnalized Messiah as the means to attain a Universal 
Brotherhood on Earth, is a much distorted interpretation of the occult and impersonal 
nature of reality as presented by the Masters through HPB, and more accurately 
and concisely explained above. 

I hope this helps clarify a bit further the originally "outlined" teachings 
of HPB about globes, rounds, races, nature of being, states of consciousness, 
cycles of involution and evolution, Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis, etc... 
Offered here as food for thought or meditation.


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