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Theosophy at large (VI)

Sep 23, 2004 09:19 PM
by Pedro Oliveira

"To sum up the idea, with regard to absolute and
relative truth, we can only repeat what we said
before. Outside a certain highly spiritual and
elevated state of mind, during which Man is at one
with the UNIVERSAL MIND—he can get nought on earth but
relative truth, or truths, from whatsoever philosophy
or religion. Were even the goddess who dwells at the
bottom of the well to issue from her place of
confinement, she could give man no more than he can
assimilate. Meanwhile, every one can sit near that
well—the name of which is KNOWLEDGE—and gaze into its
depths in the hope of seeing Truth’s fair image
reflected, at least, on the dark waters. This,
however, as remarked by Richter, presents a certain
danger. Some truth, to be sure, may be occasionally
reflected as in a mirror on the spot we gaze upon, and
thus reward the patient student. But, adds the German
thinker, “I have heard that some philosophers in
seeking for Truth, to pay homage to her, have seen
their own image in the water and adored it instead.”"

H. P. Blavatsky, "What is Truth?" (BCW, vol. IX)

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