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Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of "original teaching"

Sep 18, 2004 05:47 PM
by Anand Gholap

Following post by Frank is extremely informative.
After studying writings of many Theosophists I found that Mr. 
C.W.Leadbeater was far more accurate in entire TS history. No 
Theosophical writer before him and after him could equal him. 
Anand Gholap

--- In, ringding777@t... wrote:
> Daniel asks:
> >Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater were the
> >first persons in modern
> >times to write about Theosophy?
> Yes, 19 times yes, according to Dr Peter Michel, German TPH
> agent, in his hagiography "Leadbeater seen
> with eyes of the Spirit":
> 1. Besant was regarded as the reincarnation
> of Giordano Bruno (p. 17) - and that was much
> before HPB's time!
> 2. CWL was with D.K. in a former life in the school of
> Pythagoras! That was much before 1875!
> 3. According to Michel Leadbeater was presiding in 1873 (two
> years before HPB started her TS) a committee on
> Spiritualism. That A. H. Nethercot in his Besant biography
> says that in his source "Secular Chronicle", June 1, 1873, a
> "J. Leabeater" is mentioned, could be just a confusion (p.
> 19).
> 4. It was Leadbeater who "drafted" the
> doctrine on the two paths (p. 75) - not HPB!
> 5. It was CWL - not HPB - who taught the pleasures of
> masturbation! "Therein he was ahead of the time" (p. 48)
> 6. Leadbeater was able "to humanize his
> famous cat" (p. 91) - HPB was not able to
> bring a human soul into an animal, he was
> first!
> 7. It was Leadbeater, not HPB, who discovered
> the theosophical world teacher, he was again
> first!
> 8. Leadbeater taught first that a chela must
> not smoke, HPB violated that rule! It was
> under CWL's influence that the non-smoking
> clause was inserted into the ES rules! (p.
> 103). Again he was the first theosophical
> teacher on that topic, supplanting HPB's
> lesser occult knowledge!
> 9. According to Michel HPB assumed that
> deceased are unconscious in devachan, but
> Leadbeater was the first who discovered that
> the astral world is quite different "from the
> assumptions of HPB and the Masters" (p.
> 117f.).
> 10. Leadbeater was the first who told the
> truth of the angel world (p. 125)! HPB did
> not know nothing of the angels, even believed
> in her "early years" in spirits (p. 123)!
> 11. It was Leadbeazer who first taught that
> men is a flame child of God and "cannot
> seperated from Him" (p. 132). HPB did not
> know nothing of God!
> 12. It was Leadbeater first who taught about
> the life of the Martians, HPB's clairvoyance
> was not broad enough to reach the Mars!
> 13. It was Leadbeater's "wide, tolerant
> attitude" of connecting Christianity with
> Buddhism which "led in the 20th Century to a
> living dialogue of the religions" (p. 157).
> Here he is also first, in opposite to Judge,
> who bummed in 1893 in Chicago!
> 14. Leadbeater was the first theosophical
> teacher, with whom the Logos Himself spoke!
> He knew what the Logos wished: To create out
> of Him beings who are like Him! (p. 161). The
> Logos did never speak to HPB, perhaps because
> the Logos Himself was a non-smoker, too!
> (wait a second, I light a stick).
> 15. Leadbeater promoted the "think positive"
> attitude, in opposite to HPB which criticized
> so much in her articles priests, scientists,
> theosophists! CWL was much more harmonious
> than HPB. Could be it be otherwise when he
> was the Herold of the Manu?
> 16. It was Leadbeater whom the Masters in
> 1885 taught the doctrine of the Seven Rays
> (p. 169), not to HPB.
> 17. The "condemnation" of Leadbeater, "based
> solemny on gossip" and never on facts,
> "should fall silent after the publication of
> this biography" (p. 173). "We are in debt to
> this big Theosophist" (p. 173)!
> 18. His perceptions of the higher bodies of
> men, his aura and life after death were
> pioneering and brighter proofed als some of
> HPB or the Mahatma Letters" (p. 174)! Again
> the "big seer and Initiate" (back cover) was
> 19. Obviously even HPB was able to accept a
> higher occult source as she has had "full
> convidence" in Leadbeater from the first day
> until the rest of her life" (p. 30-31).
> Frank

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