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Re: Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of original teaching

Sep 18, 2004 10:31 AM
by ringding777

Daniel asks:
>Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater were the
>first persons in modern
>times to write about Theosophy?

Yes, 19 times yes, according to Dr Peter Michel, German TPH
agent, in his hagiography "Leadbeater seen
with eyes of the Spirit":

1. Besant was regarded as the reincarnation
of Giordano Bruno (p. 17) - and that was much
before HPB's time!

2. CWL was with D.K. in a former life in the school of
Pythagoras! That was much before 1875!

3. According to Michel Leadbeater was presiding in 1873 (two
years before HPB started her TS) a committee on
Spiritualism. That A. H. Nethercot in his Besant biography
says that in his source "Secular Chronicle", June 1, 1873, a
"J. Leabeater" is mentioned, could be just a confusion (p.

4. It was Leadbeater who "drafted" the
doctrine on the two paths (p. 75) - not HPB!

5. It was CWL - not HPB - who taught the pleasures of
masturbation! "Therein he was ahead of the time" (p. 48)

6. Leadbeater was able "to humanize his
famous cat" (p. 91) - HPB was not able to
bring a human soul into an animal, he was

7. It was Leadbeater, not HPB, who discovered
the theosophical world teacher, he was again

8. Leadbeater taught first that a chela must
not smoke, HPB violated that rule! It was
under CWL's influence that the non-smoking
clause was inserted into the ES rules! (p.
103). Again he was the first theosophical
teacher on that topic, supplanting HPB's
lesser occult knowledge!

9. According to Michel HPB assumed that
deceased are unconscious in devachan, but
Leadbeater was the first who discovered that
the astral world is quite different "from the
assumptions of HPB and the Masters" (p.

10. Leadbeater was the first who told the
truth of the angel world (p. 125)! HPB did
not know nothing of the angels, even believed
in her "early years" in spirits (p. 123)!

11. It was Leadbeazer who first taught that
men is a flame child of God and "cannot
seperated from Him" (p. 132). HPB did not
know nothing of God!

12. It was Leadbeater first who taught about
the life of the Martians, HPB's clairvoyance
was not broad enough to reach the Mars!

13. It was Leadbeater's "wide, tolerant
attitude" of connecting Christianity with
Buddhism which "led in the 20th Century to a
living dialogue of the religions" (p. 157).
Here he is also first, in opposite to Judge,
who bummed in 1893 in Chicago!

14. Leadbeater was the first theosophical
teacher, with whom the Logos Himself spoke!
He knew what the Logos wished: To create out
of Him beings who are like Him! (p. 161). The
Logos did never speak to HPB, perhaps because
the Logos Himself was a non-smoker, too!
(wait a second, I light a stick).

15. Leadbeater promoted the "think positive"
attitude, in opposite to HPB which criticized
so much in her articles priests, scientists,
theosophists! CWL was much more harmonious
than HPB. Could be it be otherwise when he
was the Herold of the Manu?

16. It was Leadbeater whom the Masters in
1885 taught the doctrine of the Seven Rays
(p. 169), not to HPB.

17. The "condemnation" of Leadbeater, "based
solemny on gossip" and never on facts,
"should fall silent after the publication of
this biography" (p. 173). "We are in debt to
this big Theosophist" (p. 173)!

18. His perceptions of the higher bodies of
men, his aura and life after death were
pioneering and brighter proofed als some of
HPB or the Mahatma Letters" (p. 174)! Again
the "big seer and Initiate" (back cover) was

19. Obviously even HPB was able to accept a
higher occult source as she has had "full
convidence" in Leadbeater from the first day
until the rest of her life" (p. 30-31).


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