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freedom of thought.

Sep 18, 2004 06:45 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Daniel,

As a correspondent of mine noticed a few years back: the problem isn't
freedom of thought (we all have that, whereever we live), but freedom
of speech and writing. The theosophical magazines have become
propaganda, instead of journalistic enterprises. 

--- In, "Daniel H. Caldwell"
<danielhcaldwell@y...> wrote:
> Morten,
> Your three questions below are excellent and
> I don't think Anand actually answered them.
> Which books are allowed to be promoted?
> Are there any limits?
> And if yes - would you then please describe these limits?
> To Anand:
> Anand, you wrote:
> "In TS as you know there is complete freedom of thought. A member
> studies writings of various authors and then after using his
> intellect, intuition and logic he comes to a conclusion that this
> piece of writing sounds true and useful. If he wants to help others
> he recommends that writing to others. . . . "
> I would like to know exactly what you mean when you write:
> "In TS as you know there is COMPLETE FREEDOM of thought. 
> So in the TS a variety of books are sold? So would one find
> in the TS books by various authors including Bailey, Steiner,
> Prophet, de Purucker, Tingley and other theosophical writers?
> Anand, would the TS publish an article or book that develops the 
> thesis that there is no such thing as reincarnation instead there is 
> only progessive evolution in higher worlds with no need to be reborn 
> in a physical body? 
> Or a book that tries to show that there is no life after death?
> Would the TS at the Adyar Annual convention allow an author to 
> lecture on the Theosophical teachings as found in the works of Master 
> DK as given through Alice Bailey?
> Would the TS allow a lecture comparing the teachings of Leadbeater 
> and Besant with the teachings of Bailey and Steiner?
> Would the TS allow a work similar to Marion Meade's biography of HPB 
> to be published or a work similar to Gregory Tillett's biography of 
> Leadbeater?
> If I read an article in THE THEOSOPHIST which I disagree with, will 
> the TS allow me to publish a letter in the journal stating my 
> position or would the TS allow me to write a detailed article showing 
> the fallacies in the above article?
> Are there any limits to what you call COMPLETE FREEDOM of thought?
> Daniel

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