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Re: Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of original teaching

Sep 18, 2004 08:38 AM
by ringding777

Daniel in his good rebuke of Anands 
allegations asks him:

>Were Leadbeater and Besant teachers of 
>Theosophy in 1882?

No, they were not in 1882.
And both AB & CWL never became teachers, 
messengers or leaders of Theosophy in later 
years, besides the fact that both were not 
even Theosophists in 1882, or, to be more 
correct, not even FTS.
In truth they were all the time what they 
were at their beginning: lay chelas, or to be 
more correct, they turned out in later years 
as fallen lay chelas, like Arthur L. Conger 
and James Long, the destroyers of the Point 
Loma-Covina TS in 1946 and founders of the 
Pasadena TS in 1951. Or, to express it in a 
modern "positive style": They gave, as tools 
of the dark side, the masses of Theosophists 
the opportunity to develop discrimination 
Truths fanatics and bigots do not want to 

In 1882 HPB and the Masters themselves were 
teaching several students.

In the first volume of HPB's SECRET DOCTRINE, 
she writes:

". . . the SECRET DOCTRINE is not a 
treatise, or a series of vague
theories, but contains all [the teachings] 
that can be given out to
the world in this century." The Secret 
Doctrine, 1888, Vol I, p.
xxxviii (original edition)

And a few lines above, one reads:

". . . But it will take centuries before much 
more is given from it
[the Secret Archaic Doctrine]. . . . "

So did not HPB give out the teachings of the 

If so, her presentation is the original one 
in modern times.

All later presentations are in that sense 
secondary (immediately
derived from something original, primary, or 

Would it be correct or true to say that:

Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater were the 
first persons in modern
times to write about Theosophy?

Madame Blavatsky derived her teachings from 
Mrs. Besant and Mr.

If after HPB died in 1891, no other book had 
ever been written by
anyone about Theosophy, we would still have 
the original writings and
teachings given by HPB. Don't you agree?



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