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Morten's Question to Anand: "Which books are allowed to be promoted?"

Sep 17, 2004 05:54 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


Your three questions below are excellent and
I don't think Anand actually answered them.

Which books are allowed to be promoted?
Are there any limits?
And if yes - would you then please describe these limits?

To Anand:

Anand, you wrote:

"In TS as you know there is complete freedom of thought. A member
studies writings of various authors and then after using his
intellect, intuition and logic he comes to a conclusion that this
piece of writing sounds true and useful. If he wants to help others
he recommends that writing to others. . . . "

I would like to know exactly what you mean when you write:

"In TS as you know there is COMPLETE FREEDOM of thought. 

So in the TS a variety of books are sold? So would one find
in the TS books by various authors including Bailey, Steiner,
Prophet, de Purucker, Tingley and other theosophical writers?

Anand, would the TS publish an article or book that develops the 
thesis that there is no such thing as reincarnation instead there is 
only progessive evolution in higher worlds with no need to be reborn 
in a physical body? 

Or a book that tries to show that there is no life after death?

Would the TS at the Adyar Annual convention allow an author to 
lecture on the Theosophical teachings as found in the works of Master 
DK as given through Alice Bailey?

Would the TS allow a lecture comparing the teachings of Leadbeater 
and Besant with the teachings of Bailey and Steiner?

Would the TS allow a work similar to Marion Meade's biography of HPB 
to be published or a work similar to Gregory Tillett's biography of 

If I read an article in THE THEOSOPHIST which I disagree with, will 
the TS allow me to publish a letter in the journal stating my 
position or would the TS allow me to write a detailed article showing 
the fallacies in the above article?

Are there any limits to what you call COMPLETE FREEDOM of thought?


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