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Re: Theos-World Theosophy, brotherhood, prayer and political action.

Oct 09, 2003 04:08 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 10/07/03 5:19:37 PM, writes:

<<Hi Leon and all of you,
W. Q. Judge said, that crystallization of the teaching should be avoided. I 

Now if this is what ULT are doing when they teach Theosophy - then allright.

But I have my view - and it is that the Teachers at ULT doesn't- because

they can't, the reason being, that they stick - too much - to a limited

number of books as valid wisdom teaching.>>

What ever gave you that idea? Haven't you read any of the discussions in 
recent months about the ULT and its non-organization and lack of any agenda that 
limits what students can study or talk about? If you don't think the SD, as 
originally written, is the fundamental basis of all valid theosophical wisdom, 
then you are seriously lacking in your understanding of the real meaning and 
purpose of the theosophical movement in the world today. What makes you believe 
the associates of ULT are "limited to any (particular) number of books"? 

<<There is an audience - there are teachers. The audience has a spiritual need

for a certain spiritual teaching - and they won't get it at ULT for certain

obvious reasons.>>

What are those "obvious reasons"? Or, are you just blowing wind about things 
you apparently know nothing about? Have you ever been in the Library of a 
theosophical Lodge? Have you ever seen the books that are on sale in their book 
stores? Have you ever heard any ULT associate tell another that he can't 
read any book he chooses to supplement his understand of the fundamental ideas 
presented in the SD and other writings of HPB or William Q. Judge? What kind of 
nonsense are you talking about? Where does those off-the-wall opinions of 
yours come from? 

<<The audience also have a Want for teaching. What they Want is not always

what they spiritually Need to be taught.>>

What has that got to do with anything? 

<<What the students can get from ULT is - reading the original works (at least

to a certain degree). And thanks so very much for that.

This is important ! And here we can agree.>>

Thanks for small favors. :-) 

<<Blavatsky made a - stir in the world, in fact world wide. This is

Theosophy - proper and even Militant !

ULT - only wishpers in the wind !>>

How can ULT whisper in the wind -- since it never has anything to say, except 
in its Declaration? Have you ever read it? If, so, where do you get the 
information you have about ULT? I know a quite a few of theosophists who are 
associates of ULT that are as militant as HPB -- and maybe even more so. How do 
you know which theosophical militants out there (if you know of any) are 
members of ULT or not? And, how do you know that some "stirs in this world" are 
not the result of someone who is a member of ULT. None of us ever talk about 
our association or hang a Theosophical symbol around our necks and pinned on our 
jackets, or carry a card listing our memberships in anything. :-) Only people 
in the TS, Masonic societies or members of religious organizations do that. 
And ULT is no organization. When will that fact penetrate your head, so you 
stop making such outlandish statements? 

<<The members of Theos-talk was offered to be members of ULT in an email here 
at Theos-Talk some days back.

I offered to become a member in an email.

I havnt received an answer yet.

This is not allright with me.

All you have to do to become an associate is to read the Declaration, obtain 
or print out a copy of the Membership card -- which you can find at or at any ULT Lodge... And sign and mail it to the parent Lodge in Los 
Angeles, or you can go to any Lodge, anyplace in the world, and sign one there. 
It's as easy as that, since the associate card says the following:

"Being in sympathy with the purposes of this Lodge, as set forth in its 
"Declaration," I hereby record my desire to be enrolled as an Associate, it being 
understood that such association calls for no obligation on my part, other than 
that which I, myself, determine." 

(Notice, it doesn't say anything about what the Lodge expects from you other 
than what it says in the Declaration. Of course if you are not in sympathy 
with that, don't sign it.) 

Or, you can bypass that altogether, believe in your heart that you are an 
associate, and then go to any Lodge to study and use whatever facilities it has 
to assist ANY student, signed up associate or not, who walks in the door -- 
without any questions or discrimination as to who you are and what you are doing 
there. I've never been asked at any Lodge I ever visited, and even lectured 
at, whether or not I was a signed up member. Why would ULT associates ever 
think of that? And, even when I don't attend any Lodge meetings (which I haven't 
for the past ten years or so) I still am an associate. BTW, in case you don't 
understand the card, there are no dues or anything else required to be or 
maintain your association. All that only depends on, is what's in your own mind. 

Have you gotten it yet? 

Best wishes on your search for enlightenment though whatever means you choose.


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