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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 20, 2003 02:48 PM
by Theo Paijmans


Please see the whole picture. In this world of global realpolitk and geopolitics,
something rarely happens without the consent and/or knowledge of the superpower(s)
America and the remnants of the Soviet Union.

That means that you have to closely look at the why America and England are so
certain that Saddam Hussein has all these 'miracle weapons', a term that was used
to some effect by Heinrich Goebbels, minister of propaganda under Hitler.

Is it, because America and England also know what they have given Saddam? Just
recently on tv English journalists showed Tony Blair a list of these materials,
given by England to Irak. Blair responded that the list was correct.

So, netxt to the 'made in Germany and France'labels, we see the 'made in America
and England' labels too. And on another note. Osama Bin Laden has been trained by
the CIA, and Afghani Taliban were supported by the US Army in their war against
the Soviets. It was American Stingers that blew Russian choppers out of the air.
By the way, a small ironic point in America's war against drugs: when the Taliban
ruled over Afghanistan, at least the heroin production stopped. Since America
drove the Taliban out of Afghanistan, the country again is number one in the
production of heroin. Noticed any sharp increase lately in the numbers of junkies
hustling the streets of the American cities, Bart? And how does this heroin enter
American soil? Are there no coast guards, no police forces, no smart customs or
spy sattelites of the NSA?

As a side note: what, I ask you, about the deliberate attack by Israeli forces on
the unarmed USS Liberty in 1967, an American ship? Do you actually know of that

Clearly you still have a lot of catching up to do on the real aspects of history.

Best regards,


Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Steve Stubbs wrote:
> > is that the public does not want war but that the political system
> > allows a single man to wage war anyway.
> According to polls, the vast majority of U.S. population supports war,
> with U.N. ratification. Most of the countries in the U.N. support war at
> this point; the problem is in the Security Council, where France and
> Germany are afraid that, if we go to war, we'll find the "Made in
> France" and "Made in Germany" labels on Hussein's weapons of mass
> destruction. One point of interest is timing: If the war does not start
> by the beginning of March, it will likely have to be postponed until the
> fall.* It is no coincidence that France is pushing for a deadline of
> March 15, while the U.S. is pushing for a deadline of February 28.
> Bart Lidofsky
> * America's military machine gives it an overwhelming advantage at
> night; a full moon would remove much of that advantage. There is a new
> moon on March 1, and a full moon on March 15. By April 15, the
> temperature in Iraq will get so hot that defense against poison gas will
> become unusable, so the war has to be over by then. This means that,
> while there will be another new moon at the end of March, a war can only
> be won against Iraq if everything goes perfectly (as Hussein's soldiers
> will almost certainly NOT be protected against poison gas). Considering
> the cost of keeping the armed forces mobilized in the Middle East,
> expect a war to start late next week, with or without the U.N.

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