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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 20, 2003 06:42 PM
by nama_sivam

Who are the people of America you know

The ill fated AAthmas all over the world are occupied and concentrated in
America--the hell---
There is nothing wrong in their attitude and behaviour
They are obsalutely correct


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> --- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@s...> wrote:
> > According to polls, the vast majority of U.S. population supports
> war
> I think it is a slim majority based on recent polls that I have seen,
> but I believe I was referring to Hitler, who single handedly started
> a war in Europe that NOBODY else wanted, including his own top
> leaders. How that is possible escapes me. Reasoning by analogy, it
> may not be a bad thing that there are restraining forces at work
> today, even though those forces are external, whereas it would be
> more desirable IMO if they were internal (i.e., congressional.)
> If the war is fought during the warm months, it will be at night,
> meaning the weather will probably be more favorable than it is now.
> The troops will have to sleep during the day, but they will have to
> do that anyway if they stay in the Kuwaiti desert, and they will have
> to sleep sometime even if they attack Iraq during the winter or
> spring. This is not Operation Barbarossa. The weather probably will
> not be the decisive factor. Of course they will have to sleep in
> chemical protective gear regardless, so they may not sleep well.
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