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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 20, 2003 06:42 PM
by nama_sivam

Plz try to read AAkashic Record

What will happen will happen.


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Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

> Steve Stubbs wrote:
> > is that the public does not want war but that the political system
> > allows a single man to wage war anyway.
> According to polls, the vast majority of U.S. population supports war,
> with U.N. ratification. Most of the countries in the U.N. support war at
> this point; the problem is in the Security Council, where France and
> Germany are afraid that, if we go to war, we'll find the "Made in
> France" and "Made in Germany" labels on Hussein's weapons of mass
> destruction. One point of interest is timing: If the war does not start
> by the beginning of March, it will likely have to be postponed until the
> fall.* It is no coincidence that France is pushing for a deadline of
> March 15, while the U.S. is pushing for a deadline of February 28.
> Bart Lidofsky
> * America's military machine gives it an overwhelming advantage at
> night; a full moon would remove much of that advantage. There is a new
> moon on March 1, and a full moon on March 15. By April 15, the
> temperature in Iraq will get so hot that defense against poison gas will
> become unusable, so the war has to be over by then. This means that,
> while there will be another new moon at the end of March, a war can only
> be won against Iraq if everything goes perfectly (as Hussein's soldiers
> will almost certainly NOT be protected against poison gas). Considering
> the cost of keeping the armed forces mobilized in the Middle East,
> expect a war to start late next week, with or without the U.N.
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