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Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 20, 2003 00:19 AM
by Steve Stubbs " <>

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <dhyana@w...> 
> The present situation looks remarkable similiar to the situation of 

Yes. It is not reasonable to compare Bush with Hitler, except 
jokingly. Hitler did not touch alcohol whereas Bush is a well known 
drunk by his own admission, and Bush does not a compelling orator, 
certainly not in the German language. The situation is also not 
leading to the same kind of disastrous conflict as the 1938 siuation 
did. But there are some disturbing similarities. One, as you say, 
is that the public does not want war but that the political system 
allows a single man to wage war anyway. That is the one thing that 
has mystified me about the second world war no matter how many books 
I read, how a single man could unleash such a conflagration despite 
the fact that nobody else wanted it. Another similarity is the 
creeping irrelevance of the League of Nations (now renamed the United 
Nations.) Another is that if the war turns out to be a blitzkrieg it 
will enhance and not diminish the popularity of the fellow who 
initiated it. Even if the war turns out to be just, that is 
regrettable since it stifles critical analysis of the issues after 
the fact. The most disturbing part is that even though Bush may have 
a good case he is advancing it with bad argument. I don't believe 
for a minute this is about Kurds being gassed fourteen years ago or 
Iranians being invaded twenty years ago, or something that happened 
during the Middle Ages or during the time of Nebuchadnezzzar or 
whatever. I would feel much more comfortable were Bush to state his 
case honestly, He might win some of us over if he did.

As for Steiner, I suspect he had easily identifiable personal reasons 
for making the statements he did, and was not prophesying.

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