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Re: Theos-World Re: white brotherhood and war

Feb 15, 2003 05:01 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Katinka and all of you,

Thanks for your email. Maybe the below can be of some help to someone...
My views are:

You wrote:
"I don't believe that any action can be beyond karma."

My answer:
Yes, agreed. But God - ParaBrahman is not really 'acting' in any litteral or
narrowminded sense of this word. God - ParaBrahman is beyond your very
thoughts !

You wrote:
"The actor can
> avoid being attached to the result, but that is as far as I think one
> can avoid responsibility."

My answer:
Yes and No.
No - because NO actor, (the word 'actor' taken in a litteral sense), can
avoid Karma, - good or bad.
Yes - because we can act (and transcend the use of acting) unselfish and be
unattached to (what we call) OUR actions. (We can transcend the use of
acting or being beyond our own level of thinking...)
Yes - Being unattached to the result is allright.
But - Being unattached to acting or being (sort of litterally speaking) is
even better.

You wrote:
"The same goes for any God. "
My answer:
NO ! Not for any God - ParaBrahman.
God - ParaBrahman do NOT act - and is not an actor ! >:-)
Please do not degrade God - ParaBrahman...
(...aehm...maybe I am even doing that by writing this email...)
Please rethink your view...I urge you.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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> I don't believe that any action can be beyond karma. The actor can
> avoid being attached to the result, but that is as far as I think one
> can avoid responsibility. The same goes for any God.
> Katinka
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> > Hi all of you,
> >
> > I just want to say, that God - ParaBrahman (i.e. Not this, Not
> that) is
> > beyond Karma - and can interfere in a certain
> > special sense - without 'acting' or using 'actions' at all in the
> sense,
> > which humans often tend to sort of think of it.
> > Gods - Parabrahmans esoteric 'grace' is immediately and happens
> when God -
> > ParaBrahman choses to
> > 'do' so.
> > God - ParaBrahman is the master of time, space and Karma.
> > God - ParaBrahman sometimes choses a longterm solution to karmic
> problems !
> > And at other times not.
> >
> > Strange, difficult to comprehend or what...- or just too easy. >:-)
> >
> > The cosmos and our lifes are filled with that beautifull force God -
> > ParaBrahman.
> > - Let us use it.
> > Let us become - Not this and Not that - but so very much beyond the
> > thoughts...
> >
> > Let us just put it like this:
> > 'Being' God -ParaBrahman is easy. Not 'being' so must be very
> difficult.
> >
> > from
> > M. Sufilight with peacefull sort of actions...
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