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My friends @ Theos-World Wore is no issu

Feb 14, 2003 07:16 AM
by hansvruling

My friends @ Theos-World
The Theosophical spirit that lays in the ancient teachings condemns any form
of aggression or wore infect the Theosophical person try's very hart to
understand different cultures and find some sends in the back ground
heritage. We strongly believe in the individual and entity of any kind of
spirit embodiment. every part electrical or sub luminal protons or neutrons
any fiscal or non fiscal being or entity is considerd to be part of us and
our heratige. we all go under the same universal laws and rules and have all
eqal rights to parctise our birthright. (the right to exist) The real
Theosophical view will teach us Love and respect for each other. The Hi
Archie of nature its entities spirits, dyanconans, angels, gods what ever
you like to call them they like us to follow them to become like them and
share there different dimensions of wisdom and love, unfortunate a few of us
get to become in that state of self awareness and get the prize to share the
crown of love and wisdom. I strongly believe on the last stage of
reincarnation we all become one again and the diverend dimensions will form
a new world above our pressend understanding. How can we be destructive on
the things we love the moost? Life!

Well now we started on the wore on Iraq ill like to share my few any way for
those following the process

The media and also our goverments in fact media like CNN is a major US
propaganda worker for your coverment tell us nothing like the real truth and
they want us to believe there actions to be righteous or stabalize the
comunity by telling lies and deseption twisting fackts and sell fixion. My
brother is a recon officer of the Dutch airforce of the Netherlands they
deal in secret information every day. The cold wore has come to an end but
the spy networks are even stronger to day and are fully functional. A
Russian officer is giving a lot of information a bout the bush
administration and the behind the scene works especially the military NSA
CIA FBI departments to the European network. My brother was last year in
Iraq taking pictures while the wore in Afghanistan was ad its hi peak. We
already knew this was leading to a wore in Iraq. 70% of the global community
don't want wore because wore is never a solution those with brains will say.
For me its a pity to see the American government taking there own people
down by taking the wrong actions in there present politicks.For the former
Presidend Clinton realy worked very hard on global peace and better
political friendships with europian and eastern countrys. The fall of the
Berlin wall and the ending of the cold wore was truly his work only, also
better security and benefit for the American people. Now Bush has and is
braking that all down and even takes your national secrurity down. The real
truth a bout al this and what is going on now will be known after 15 years
as the silent contract will end people will talk or they been killed by the
secret police time will tell.. all I can say is Bush is willing to put 44000
and 3500000 people ad hi risk danger and even start a world wore to save his
budget and its economies now isn't that troubling?

who'd it be devastating and unbearable to know some American agency financed
the anthrax firus and the so called 11 September terrorist attack?

To day in a few ours Hans Blix of the IEA will make his final report to the
Nato and EU counsel , well the outcome is fixed but i like to wach it live
anyway. Bush is hoping for Nato to agree but it doesn't seem likely and bush
is set to go any way no mather what others think, he is to powerfull to
acuse him for wore crimes but if he dous there wil be a prize on his head.
we expect more terrorist attacks to your country in industrial level for now
London is targetid first. thay incrised there security but that dousnt mean
thay save. Un happy note is that every civilian can be a suspect it will
have a devastating effect on our communities. Dont worry you be save in
Forida, mabye bush Brother your convener gets a garbige truk deliverd in his
back yard lol! (typical Dutch way of protest) Its a shame we cant decide
about these wore efforts and a bout our community in these fake democratize
but duing thise short wore in iraq you see resulds pritty fast,, even more
job loss and a faster falling economie. only if ! bush wins after a period
of hard recess that can take twoo years or longer the economie can get
stronger again becouse he has 30% more income of cheep oil ,, if things not
escalate in Nord Korea where the real issu lays.. To this is a very exiting
football match as more than one country are interested in the strategic
countries between the rich countries like Saudi- Jerusalem and Korea ( like
always its the rich deciding over the poor and those Jude Israel people do
have lots of money and power in the US market.)

Well I live in Holland a country that is always working silent in the back
ground, my advantage is I can see the news and info from both sides. and we
all wonder why some truth aspects been kept from the public in your news and
media broadcasts. We Europeans are very aware and most of us protest against
any kind of accession or wore. Not nice is true the words and actions of
Bush Jr many are going to dislike the American people more and i see some
Americans do take on the habits of bush some of it is in your culture that
is not accepted here.. I have many American friends true internet and I do
worry a bit. of course there are good and bad people a round the globe. And
ill never blame any American but those nasty politicians for what your
government douse.. heheh!@ I feel good a bout Russia if we came to a wore
Russia will back us up he is set to become a worthy ally to Europe and maybe
even after a long time of cleaning the house Russia can come in the EU in
whites is better for all of us.

Did you know the mexican president had a Rojal visit to Holland? he came
here a few weeks a go to open better relation ships and a porthole to the
europian trade market.. We sined a contrackt to aid the mexican peapole in
trade so there lives get a litele bit bettter.. Uhmmm he prononced live on
TV here that he is angry ad bush for he is ignoring his calls now after the
11 September attacks, they planed a visa for the Mexican labors to the
states but that is canceled for the time bush is president.

well Its getting so nasty,, hehe,, the more intersting.. whats next? we will
see in a few weeks from now..

Take care, and have a good time we still can!

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