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Re: Theos-World apologies

Feb 13, 2003 09:01 PM
by Etzion Becker

This attitude will only create a set back for you. Any person who keeps any
grudge whatsoever against any person whomsoever, will be pushed away from
the orbit of LOVE, and will never attain the goal of creation, as long as he
keeps this destructive attitude. I have seen it often amongst *spiritual
circles* - venomous hatred. You will doom yourself to eternal frustration,
rolling endlessly in the muck of illusion. I'll be sorry for this. Try to
exercise love for all. Especially on this day. Like any other day. And you
actually don't want to know what the higher Forces who watch us all are
thinking of you.... ;-) Etzion

> However, I still stand by the fact that Bush is an
> idiot and for this I will never apologise.
> Regards to All,
> Mic Forster
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