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Re: On Reincarnaiton -- Questions & Answers

Feb 13, 2003 09:21 PM
by leonmaurer

The following statement is a perfect example of why theosophy, as a pure 
metaphysical science based on fundamental principles and immutable Laws of 
Nature, has to be examined individually by each of us for its inherent 
reasonableness -- using our intellect as well as our intuition -- without 
being dependent on the opinions of student/teachers who mix their personal 
prejudices with their interpretations. 

Neither HPB nor WQJ, as such student/teachers, can be any exceptions. In 
many of their opinions and interpretions of theosophical truths, they could 
very well be wrong -- as HPB clearly pointed out such a possibility in her 
Introduction to the Secret Doctrine. 

The concept of karma would be a travesty of divine justice if an entire group 
of religious believers (Jews are neither a tribe nor a race) would have to 
suffer for the evils perpetrated by a few outlaws in the past who happened to 
be members of that religion. 

What was not considered in this prejudicial answer by WQJ (that feeds and 
gives sanction to the evil actions of all the enemies of theosophy, as well 
as Judaism, which in its fundamental kabbalistic philosophical teachings is 
very close to theosophy) is that it's the "persecutors" themselves -- as 
members of another religion who mistakenly hate those who don't accept their 
self chosen messiah as a personal God incarnate -- who are the evil one's 
reaping their own individual future karma. 

Injuries afflicted on others, either individually or as a religious group, 
such as descriminative persecutions, pogroms, and holocausts, cannot be in 
the nature of retributive karma on those millions of innocents who in past 
lives could have been members of any race, tribe, or religion. Obviously, in 
any case, evil actions of any sort cannot be justified by such superficial 
interpretations of karma. 

Therefore, current students of ancient theosophy -- as an exact science and 
philosophy taught by all the great Masters of Wisdom to HPB and WQJ -- should 
be wary of some of the interpretations of this wisdom made by them; Either of 
whom could very well be unconsciously twisting their understanding of the 
underlying theosophical principles to fit their own personal prejudices. 

We must also be very careful making our own personal judgments about Karma 
and Reincarnation -- which is far more complex in its workings than such 
superficial comments about it by such blindly accepted "authorities" 
(conflating wrong ideas of race and religion with its fundamental laws) might 
lead us to believe. 


In a message dated 02/11/03 8:52:58 PM, writes:

(quoting from writings of WQJ)

>Q. If the law of reincarnation is just, why is it that the Jewish race
>has been so persecuted?
>A. In considering any question of experience we have first of all to
>take into account the Law of Karma-action and re-action, or sowing and
>reaping; this on the face of it cannot be anything else but exact
>justice. Reincarnation is the result of karmic action, and also offers
>the opportunity to set better causes in motion. If selfishness rules
>in any one life, evil causes are set in motion the results of which
>must be adjusted either in that life or a following one. The tendency
>of selfishness is to increase with each incarnation, and if a people
>or individuals continue in that course, they will continually injure
>others and bring about their own re-actions at the hands of those
>injured. So if we find any people particularly marked out for
>persecution, we may be sure that as egos in other times they had been
>the offenders and are reaping what they sowed.

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