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RE: Re: Scientific correlations with theosophy

Feb 14, 2003 01:52 AM
by leonmaurer

Jerry S writes:

<<< [Leon] My ABC theory of the relationships between consciousness, 
mind, and mass-energy or what we call "matter," brings that theosophical 
model into conformance with the currently accepted theories of physical 
science. >>>

<< [Jerry] And so...? What do we gain by this? What is its usefulness? Only a 
few people in the world accept Blavatsky's model, and fewer are likely to 
accept your or my interpretation of it. I am just curious here as to what you 
expect to be gained. More recognition? If so, from who?>>

[Leon] It's easy to scoff and imply innuendoes, but not so easy to make 
constructive comments. Recognition has nothing to do with it. Nor did I 
present it for any other purpose than as a tool for the understanding of 
theosophical metaphysics... And that, solely for the purpose of attaining 
"self realization" and a clearer understanding of theosophical teachings... 
So as to be better able to help and teach others, as well as for the 
attainment of certain mental powers as an aid in eventually forming a 
Universal Brotherhood... Not necessarily, however, for personal gain of 
psychic powers to be used for self centered gratification. So, for some 
serious students of theosophy, there could be much to gain. 

One such usefulness is as a learning tool that offers students of theosophy a 
clearer picture or mental image (as, perhaps, a "visualization" for 
"meditation with a seed" such as taught by Patanjali) of the metaphysics of 
the 7 "coadunate but not consubstantial fields of consciousness" spoken of by 

In addition, it allows one deeply engaged in the study of theosophical 
metaphysics using the SD, to visualize and understand the cause and nature of 
the primal creative forces and how they propagate from the zero-point source 
of awareness/will through the seven, interpenetrating globes or fields of 
consciousness, along with their energy/frequency/density phase changes. And, 
thus, work on proper visualizations that can put all these fields in correct 
alignment and coordinated frequency modulation. This alignment and 
coordination is what can create our etheric body. It can only be done by 
each of us working on ourselves in deep meditation -- with a perfect 
understanding of the relationship of these energies to the chakras of the 
physical body. 

Since it is consistent with modern scientific theories such as relativity, 
quantum mechanics and Superstring/M-branes, etc., it is also being presented 
to scientists now deeply engaged in the study of consciousness (which has 
only been an important scientific discipline since about ten years ago) -- so 
that they may be able to understand and transmit to their disciples (and 
through them, hopefully, to the world) the deeper theosophical meanings that 
their research might confirm. 

Know that the ABC theory is not entirely my own, since it was developed in 
collaboration with a nuclear physicist (one of the original designers of the 
A-bomb) who, as penance and because of his disillusionment with Western 
politicalized religions that lead to wars (as well as to learn the secrets of 
esoteric Eastern science) became an initiated High Lama of the Ningmapa sect 
of Tibetan Buddhism. Incidentally, during the five years of our collaboration 
(during which time he became thoroughly familiar with the metaphysics in the 
SD) he also revealed many secrets of Tantric ceremonial magic to me -- which 
I do not practice... Since, my understanding of and meditation on the 7 fold 
nature is sufficient -- using a method similar to Patanjali's rajah yoga (as 
clearly transliterated in English for those clearly understanding that 
metaphysics, by WQJ). 


<<<[Leon] We can only work on this plane with the tools we have on 
hand. And, since the self does exist as a non illusion within the phenomenal 
Cosmos, its the only place that we can determine our own as well as our group 
or race karma -- by the thoughts we have and the willful actions we perform, 
both individually and collectively.>>>

<<[Jerry] What do we gain by "dertermining our own as well as our group or rac
e karma? Can I not return next time in another race? Can I return next time 
in another sex? I don't see your point here.>>

Yes, you can return as anything you choose (as an Adept or Master) or 
according to your karma (if not). 

But, I am speaking to those theosophists who are seriously studying and 
practicing theosophy in accord with the three objects of the TM -- because 
they recognize their true intent and purpose, as well as their 

For such an altruistic theosophist, or a Buddhist choosing to become an 
avowed Bodhisattva, and thus, an Adept, in this lifetime, s/he would return 
in the next life along the direct line of karma that s/he was presently 
experiencing, and would, while attaining such a state, determine, change, and 
resolve his/her own karma. And, certainly be interested in helping others 
determine, change, and resolve theirs... Even if only to gain "companions" 
for such Bodhisattva purposes in this as well as the next life (which could 
be almost immediately after death in the case of a truly enlightened one). 
It's obvious that once one enters the path, one's karma must be balanced 
before enlightenment can be attained. 

Since you can't see the point, could it be that your practice of Buddhism and 
reading of theosophy is solely for your own personal attainment of magic 
and/or pathworking toward becoming a pratyeka Buddha? 

<<< So, to make the theosophical model consistent with the scientific 
theories, gives us a better understanding of how the energy transformations 
between the separate coadunate but not consubstantial fields of consciousness 
(including the physical field and its energies) work in coenergetic unity 
with each other.>>>

<<To what end? My own model based on the SD allows me to astral travel or 
pathwork the Globes and Planes because it can be used as a road map when 
visiting these areas. In short, I use it for yogic/magic. I am quite sure 
that you do not practice magic of this kind, and so I wonder what you plan to 
do with your model now that you have fashioned it. Does it have any practical 

This is just my point. My ABC model serves the altruistic purposes of 
offering a teaching aid to help those desirous of attaining the aims and 
goals of the Theosophical Movement. While yours, apparently, is mainly to 
help yourself experience the astral planes. You are right, I do not practice 
that sort of ritual "magic" since my Yoga is on a different path altogether, 
and I follow directly in the footsteps of the Master's lineage channeled 
through HPB (as their "medium"). 

As HPB warned, and as I have experienced many years ago through a form of 
instantaneous Guru-monitored yogic transformation during lucid dreaming 
(which I cannot explain in writing) such dabbling in the Astral can be quite 
dangerous for the uninitiated or unprotected, and serves no purpose for 
theosophists following the path pointed out by HPB. 

But, everyone has the freedom to chose the path that best serves his karmic 
conditions and purpose in each life. I now know, definitely, that I have 
been on this same path through many previous lifetimes, and recognized it 
vaguely the first time I walked into a ULT lodge some 40 years ago and heard 
a speaker talking directly to me -- answering specific questions I'd been 
asking myself for many many years. That kinda shook me up, and I walked out 
with a copy of The Key, Isis, the SD, and the Ocean -- which kept me busy for 
a good number of years -- while I studied or referenced every other book and 
pamphlet in their vast library of the Arts, philosophies, sciences and 

As for the "practical value" of the theosophically analogous and 
corresponding ABC model -- that depends solely on the motivations of the 
user. Besides a teaching aid for students desirous of becoming Adepts -- for 
some it can be the "form" model for Kung Fu or Tai-Chi martial art practice. 
For others it can be a visualization tool for the alignment and focussing of 
their (and their patient's) inner chi/prana energies as a healing system and 
practice, and for the projection of karma-healing mental energies. For 
everyone, there's the technological possibility of free zero-point energy and 
3-D moving pictures without glasses. And, for the evil ones, it could be the 
scientific basis of a de-creation bomb, or as the diagram of the energy flows 
and their focussing for destructive mental projections. So, the choice is 
yours... Take your pick. 

<<<That's all well and good for each individual to keep in mind for his self 
realization and with respect to his own karma. But, just because our Earth 
and ourselves may be Maya from the point of view of the Spiritual 
consciousness, doesn't mean we can sit back and let it evolve by itself 
without taking individual and group responsibility for the welfare of all 
life that is presently experiencing this reality. >>>

<<OK, but how does one take on such "individual and group responsibility" 
without first becoming an Adept? I don't see how an intellectual knowledge of 
our universe can help us to direct or control it. The forces and currents t
hat control the physical are on higher planes, and it seems to me that we 
first need to become functionally conscious on those planes. This means 
Adepthood. Such Adepthood requires a Path, and I haven't seen how your model 
provides for a Path yet. >>

The model isn't the path. The path is provided by HPB in her writings, 
particularly in The Voice of the Silence. That, coupled with the Jnana Yoga 
(intellectual) knowledge of metaphysics in the SD, supplemented by a practice 
of Rajah Yoga meditation given by Patanjali (which the ABC model is designed 
to facilitate) -- is sufficient (having gained and discarded the practice of 
ALL the Siddhis) to enable one to arrive at "enlightenment" or "self 
realization" -- and thus, "Adepthood." 

Thenceforth, one becomes an *active* "Nucleus of Universal Brotherhood." 
This, alone, gives one the power to be entirely responsible for one's own 
karma. Later, when one, then, expands his concern for the rest of the 
world's karma, and joins with others of like mind -- they, as a group, become 
responsible for their mutual or group karma. Upon using the wisdom gained 
through such adept "self devised and self determined" study and practice, and 
having fulfilled all Three Objects of the TM -- the group then, being all 
Bodhisattvas, takes responsibility for, and can, by joining their forces, act 
together toward changing the world's karma through changing their minds and 
defusing their wrong views. 

The intellectual knowledge of the universe (meaning the actual way it's 
energies work and its will harnessed, directed, and projected to "Create" its 
seven fold fields of consciousness and the Mayavic "images" in them) is the 
guiding visual format or energy pathmap for the practice of the "projective" 
psychical (mental) powers (or creative, energy transformational siddhis) on 
this plane. "As above, so below." 

<<<Rather than see it as a religion, I prefer to deal with theosophy as a 
means the Masters gave us to use as a tool, -- not only to change our own 
individual karma, but that of the entire race -- in order to recover the lost 
million years of retarded evolution due to the inability of most of Mankind 
to recognize their own spiritual unity, and their past (and present) 
practicing of all the "seven sins of separateness" since the beginning of 
this fifth sub racial cycle of humanity.>>>

<<Question: Do we want to "change our own individual karma" or eliminate it? 
What good does changing it do? Are not golden chains just as binding as iron 
chains? How do we change the karma of the entire race (I assume you mean 5th 
root race here)? Certainly not by food and shelter and physical care, which 
many organizations are already doing better than we could. It can only be by 
giving people a better worldview, a more theosophical worldview. My question 
then is, how do we do this? We have not had much success with this over the 
last 100 years, have we?>>

Good questions. And you are right about (what has to be done is) giving 
people a theosophical world view. Changing one's karma simply means changing 
one's mind, or specifically, one's thoughts. Didn't the Buddha say in effect, 
"everything we are is the result of what we have thought, and that everything 
we become will be the result of what we are now thinking?" 

If one follows the theosophical path of study and practice, we immediately 
start changing our thoughts... New thoughts lead to new actions... And, thus, 
we start creating good karma to balance out and eventually eliminate our 
accumulated bad karma. When we arrive at enlightenment or adepthood we can 
transcend karma altogether. 

So, that's how we do it. First individually, and then, when enough 
individuals have done it, we can come together and change our group action, 
direct it on the mental plane, and thus (as described above and below) start 
projecting those possibilities to the rest of the world. Hopefully, this 
time, by using our latent psychic powers. Why would the Third Object of the 
TM ask us to "investigate" such powers, if that were not a possibility? We 
certainly need such powers to recognize the Adept training path in the SD. 
And, how could we each become a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood, if we 
couldn't use the mental powers inherent in such a nucleus to create the seed, 
plantings, and ultimate blossoming of such a brotherhood. Ignorant and 
unenlightened people, working alone or in a group can create nothing useful 
-- other than reinforcing their own ignorance. But, enlightened people, 
working together can move mountains -- and minds.

Haven't we theosophists of today not already learned through the history of 
the past 100 years, what happens when enlightened theosophists try going it 
alone? How many enlightened (or Adept) theosophists should we have now 
worldwide? All it takes to use our mental projective powers to change the 
minds of an ever widening circle of unenlightened people is (according to the 
secrets I learned in the SD and other writings of HPB) a "magic" circle of at 
least 7 and no more than 9 dedicated and enlightened theosophists (Adepts) 
located anywhere in the world... To pool their energies in parallel paths of 
concentrated thought according to a predetermined plan. One, that can be 
decided through use of the ubiquitous communication power of the Internet. 
They certainly didn't have that power in the early days of the Movement. HPB 
knew that very well, and kept insisting we would have to wait for the "New 
Messenger" to come after the latter quarter of the 20th Century. Could that 
be the "Instant Messenger" that we now find so easy to use on the Internet? 
(Besides being a good prophet, HPB was also a good jokester.:-) Didn't 
someone (Marshall McLuhan) imply around thirty years ago that "The medium is 
the message"? How many theosophists caught that karmic "coincidence"? :-) 

<<<While it has the same roots of esoteric Buddhism, theosophy was not given 
to us solely for our individual salvation. For that purpose, exoteric 
Buddhism is sufficient unto itself.>>>

<<Neither esoteric nor exoteric Buddhism seeks for any "individual 
salvation." This would be problematic given that "individuals" are considered 
to be mayavic illusions. Liberation and enlightenment are not processes for 
personal salvation so much as awakening to what already exists.>>

Yes... When I say individual, I mean the lower ego, not the higher Ego or 
the "Self of one that's the Self of all." "Salvation," in my use of the term, 
means the merging of the lower self into the higher, and by such awakening, 
dissolving the ignorance that caused our individual suffering. When this is 
accomplished through the path pointed out by HPB (and the Buddha in his 
esoteric teachings) there can no longer be any Mayavic illusions. Buddha 
spoke to individuals as if they could think for themselves. He offered them 
"enlightenment" as if there was really someone there to enlighten. And, that 
means teaching them how to take the burden of their suffering off their 
backs. Thus, he was saving them from themselves, as their worst enemies. The 
only thing mayavic about their individuality was the notion of their 
separateness -- not that they didn't exist as individual points of 
consciousness that is coadunate with all other points. So, that's my point. 
Consciousness can be one or many -- depending on where you look at it from. 

The difference is that HPB's path (which is the Buddha's esoteric path) leads 
toward an understanding of the processes of "creation," and therefore to 
adepthood when such processes are mastered and capable of being activated at 
will, consciously or intuitively. Thus each individual can become "awakened 
to what already exists" in all of us. How much practice, after that, of the 
mental powers latent in each of us would it take before we became a Master 
mind changer? How long did it take Davinci or Michaelangelo to become Master 
creators? Some of us are even born with such understandings, although it 
takes practice to train and perfect one's "instrument." Thus, HPB, told us 
each to become a "Nucleus" of Universal Brotherhood (not the Brotherhood 
itself) through long study and practice of theosophy through one's 
"individual self devised and self determined efforts." 

<<<If you understand it from the point of view of the Masters, theosophy was 
disclosed primarily for the training of prospective Adepts -- who must learn 
how to work as a group on the higher planes for the salvation of the human 
race on this physical plane. >>>

<<Wow! This is the first I have heard of this. And I have been a Theosophist 
for 35 years. Why has this been kept such a secret? What kind of "training" 
is given? I feel slighted, because no one has ever offered to train me. Where 
do I find such training? Where are the Adepts who have been trained?>>

If you are not so trained, why would you know about them? How would you 
recognize them? Or, even recognize the training path in HPB's work? 
Apparently, you have not studied the SD as deeply as some others have, and 
missed the not so obvious path to adepthood that weaves its way through it, 
around, over and under all the distracting references to religious scripture, 
and other confirmatory or metaphorical blinds, and complex foreign jargon... 
All designed to drive you astray if you don't know what you are looking for, 
and don't have a burning desire to find it. The universe would not exist if 
Brahma didn't have a burning desire to will it into happening. For, as the 
Hermetist's say, "Beyond will stands desire." For us, as ignorant beings, 
Brahma's universe may be Maya -- but for him it is his reality -- if only a 
dream in his mind. We, too, dream, and for us those dreams are more real 
than the mayavic world created around us by the wakeful thoughts and wrong 
views in the minds of others. But, the natural worlds created by Brahma is 
as real to us as is our Brahma created (or willed) individual self 
consciousness. How else could he experience all that he is, was and will be? 
Aren't we each, all that? And all this?

But, don't feel slighted. Nobody (except HPB) told me (and she was dead at 
the time:-). But, that's what she was sent here to do -- for all of us. So, 
it took me over 20 years of study through two dog eared and notated copies of 
the SD, and hundreds of pages of drawings and notes, plus another five years 
of practicing the yoga's pointed to by HPB and WQJ, before I finally began to 
get it. But, then, I knew it was a study for the training of prospective 
Adepts soon after wading through all the articles they wrote while I was 
studying the SD. And, then, really got it when I realized that Einstein, who 
used the SD as a textbook, was an Adept, if not a Master of his calling. See:

Besides, I was well prepared for all this having been brought up in a family 
of kabbalists and free masons. Later, I found out that many other 
theosophical writers have also hinted at the same thing. So, now I'm telling 
you (and anyone else in these forums who read my letters). It's never too 
late to start on the path to enlightenment. (And now that you know where the 
instructions are -- as a practiced magician and learned Buddhist, it should 
be a snap. :-) 

But, as they say, "Many are called but few are chosen." If you interpret 
that correctly, which I think is the most likely understanding from a 
theosophical point of view, it could only mean "self called" and "self 
chosen." Since, in reality, one can only choose for themselves to start on 
the path to "self realization" (adepthood) and compassionate service to the 
Plan. No Master ever calls anyone. Neither do theosophists proselytize. 
But, we can tell each other what we know. (Dallas may know where HPB pointed 
all that out.)

Also, isn't it a rule of the Masters that "the kingdom of heaven has to be 
taken by force"? Doesn't that mean that to enter the inner sanctum, or 
hidden chamber of the mysteries, one must break down the door? 
Interestingly, my Ningmapa/scientist teacher told me that when he (along with 
two other scientist/philosophers) went to Nepal to get their "instant Yoga 
science" in exchange for our Western atomic science, he threatened to blow up 
the Monastery if they didn't let him in and initiate him. :-) The LSD 
scientist Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass) who was there before him, did pretty 
much the same thing.

BTW, when my science teacher/collaborator first "heard" the SD (he was almost 
blind so I had to chant it out loud to give him a sense of the strange 
punctuation and typological tricks used by HPB) he said, "Wow, very clever, 
she does it with living word forms like they (the Tibetans) did it with 
drugs, bells, drums and chanting." (That's as much as I can reveal about the 
secret "instant" yoga path.) BTW, I refused to go more than part way into i
t, since my teacher said it killed his partner and could shorten my life, so 
I chose the long way -- which took five years of oral teaching from him to 
get the scientific correlation's, so I could pass them on to Western 
theosophists and scientists. So, I guess that's my karma for this go 

<<< That's why the SD is primarily a textbook on metaphysics.>>>

<<Challenge: Give me the name of one single Adept who got there by reading 
the SD. Just one. Theosophy has had over 100 years to train Adepts, and so 
far I know of not a single one.>>

Sorry, I can't tell you. Why would any one of them tell me? And, besides, 
even if I knew (which I might :-) I wouldn't reveal their names without their 
permission (unless, maybe, they were dead). Didn't HPB point out to you how 
necessary it was for such theosophical Adepts not to reveal themselves as 
such to anyone except other Adepts or initiates they can recognize by their 
fruits, or if they have been instructed to do so by their Masters, as HPB 
was? But, then, didn't I say above that Einstein (who read the SD) was an 
Adept? And, didn't I say my sceintist/Lama guru Adept confirmed that the SD 
was the teaching for Adepts? But, as for "training" -- that's strictly up to 
the individual who can follow the lines laid down and has the balls to do the 
work. Reading (studying) the SD is only the first step. 

Even I don't profess to be an Adept in anything more than my chosen 
professions. For example, at one time I was noted internationally, as a 
Master Lithographer. At another, I was a Master Mechanical Engineer, And, at 
another, I was a Master of Special Effects working in the field of Movie 
Magic. :-) Big deal. That, and a buck fifty now, will get me ride on the 
NYC subway.:-) But, haven't you ever met, or read something written by a 
theosophist who was "enlightened" by studying the SD? If not, that too bad, 
and I feel for you. For some people born as unconscious initiates due to 
pathwork in a previous life, the SD is an excellent memory refresher and 
Adept training school alongside their modern career training and experience. 
(Why, I may have been Leonardo, and my brother, who also was a multitalented 
Master Artist could have been Michaelangelo in a past life. ;-)

However, there's more to it than just reading the SD, as I pointed out above. 
Besides the yoga practices, you also have to read the rest of HPB's 
writings. You also have to know that the teaching/training is there, and then 
find it for yourself. All I can do is give hints, such as how to read the SD 
aloud to see and hear the word forms, how to look for and correlate the few 
lines of direct training/teaching (that could be scattered over hundreds of 
pages of extraneous words covering scriptural confirmations), how to draw 
pictures and diagrams of what one correlates, how to recognize and analyze 
symbolic diagrams, interpret metaphors, etc. (I have hundreds of pages of 
such notes and diagrams, but that's only for my own mind cleaning and 
clarifying.) Some hints about studying the SD are also given by Blavatsky at: 

It also helps to correlate the SD with many other books on metaphysics and 
occult science -- such as, Perucker, Leadbeater, Crowley, Gurdjieff, 
Ouspensky, and a hundred others, ancient and modern. There's many bits and 
pieces from those teachings that are helpful in assembling the jigsaw puzzle 
of true theosophy along the way to enlightenment. But, I've never found any 
such useful information (among the garbage in those outside readings) that 
wasn't hinted at, or secretly hidden in HPB's voluminous writings -- for the 
"intuitive student" to find for himself. As for me, I can find nothing 
missing in the SD, that's necessary to make one a fully enlightened Adept 
capable of fulfilling all the objects of the TM -- without the necessity of a 
"live" guru. 

I don't know how many theosophists have done their study this way, but I 
assume there are at least a good number of us among the vast number of people 
who have taken up theosophy in the last 50 years or so. It's too bad that we 
can't reach them all on these Internet forums, so we can start communicating 
privately. All I can do is keep trying. The public exposure of my ABC 
scientific "holographic field" interpretation of the fundamental seven fold 
nature of the universe and all the beings in it is as much as I'm able to do. 

<<< "Changing the minds of the race" (as HPB said was the purpose of the 
theosophical movement) to fully realize the reality of karma and 
reincarnation, and recognize their responsibility to all "life," and thus, 
become a Universal Brotherhood in fact, takes more than simply turning them 
into religious blind believers. It take the ability to manipulate the 
energies and images of the mind. First comes a nucleus, then, a cell, then a 
seed, and finally a tree. That's what real "practical theosophy" is all 
about. Let them that hear, hear, and them that see, see. >>>

<<Karma can almost be demontrated, and I suspect that a lot of folks can 
accept causality. But reincarnation cannot ever be proved or demonstrated for 
or against. Even though the TSs have small memberships, Theosophy has already 
effected the general thinking of the public to a large extent. So perhaps it 
has accomplished something. But we are very far from any kind of "universal 
Brotherhood." In fact, most outsiders see this as hypocrisy because the TSs 
can't even get themselves together. Also, I see problems with "manipulating 
the energies and images of the mind" of people. What happened to free choice?

That's why I have never joined any theosophical organization. All they can 
do is chatter on about organization, history of the Movement, etc., and talk 
about theosophy, magic, astrology, etc., on a superficial level. That's the 
same problem with open e-mail lists on the Internet. (Considering the few who 
participate intelligently, it makes me wonder if my work on such lists is 
like blowing in the wind. :-) 

There is, however, a method of conferencing and decision making that can 
work, called the "Delphi system." But, it can work only in a private mailing 
list that is closely monitored by an unbiased guide/postmaster with no ego, 
and has no more than 12 members, also with no egos. So, not to let any 
opportunity go by, I might as well take this one to invite anyone interested 
in forming such a group, to contact me personally.

As for proof of reincarnation... That's entirely unnecessary. All one needs 
is a solid conviction based on the application of fundamental principles, and 
a thorough knowledge of the laws that govern the involution and evolution of 
the universal fields of consciousness. A studied correlation of the theory 
of ABC with theosophical metaphysics as presented in the SD, is all that's 
required to make karma and reincarnation a scientific given that cannot be 
refuted rationally or intuitively. That's enough for enlightened Adepts to 
get together and do the work of altering minds -- whether by direct 
demonstration, oral teaching, or mental projection.

But, none of what I am speaking about is "mind manipulation," "mind control," 
or a violation of "free choice." All we can do, along those lines, is put 
mental images out that people can pick up in their dreams or in meditation, 
think about, and then make their own decisions about what's real and what 


<<<But, as I said above, the SD is not what theosophy is all about, It's only 
a tool for the application of "practical theosophy" -- that can change the 
mind of the entire race in a very short time.>>>

<<I think that this is exactly where I have the most problem and concern. I 
would love to hear how the SD can be used as a tool for anything "practical." 
It is virtually all theory. Personally I consider pathworking to be 
practical, and this is the primary usefulness that I find with such models. 
Without pathworking I don't see any practical benefit at all. The SD has not 
changed many minds in the last 100 years. What is different now?>>

As I said before, the SD is not for ordinary people whose minds have to be 
changed. Only the Adepts trained by the SD, or directly by a theosophical 
Master can do that. And, to use the SD as the "tool" for that training, one 
must already be aware that such training exists in it, and have a burning 
desire to follow that path no matter what personal sacrifices have to be 
made. Thus, it all comes down to being "self chosen." When one has reached a 
certain stage along the way, it is quite possible for a true Master, whether 
in or out of the body, to contact the acolyte directly by such mental means.

Your "pathworking" can be fine for you, since that's your choice. But, for 
those who follow the path on the "lines" that HPB "laid down" based on 
thousands of years of occult knowledge, they can shorten their path to 
enlightenment considerably. Why wouldn't this be the way to fulfill the 
objects of the movement? Didn't HPB tell us that we had only the next 
hundred years (from her time) to do the necessary work that might assure a 
paradise on Earth after the 21st century? And, that, if we couldn't do it 
(while the world went to hell and lost another million years of evolution) 
the giving out of the Secret Doctrine would have been a waste of her and the 
Master's time and energy? Maybe you should read her "Message to American 
Theosophists" along with some of her articles on the possible fate of the 
world if the Theosophical Movement failed in its mission, and find out for 

<<< This would be as plain as the noses on our faces if only we read ALL the 
writings of Blavatsky and Judge (including their Master's letters) and culled 
out the real purpose of the TM, and how to carry it out. That's what I did... 
And all the nay sayers can stay blind and keep plugging away in the service 
(knowingly or unknowingly) of the dark forces that want to thwart us in our 
purpose. If we all would see it, and do it, they wouldn't have a chance in 

<<Wow! I don't know what to say to this kind of thing. Speaking for myself, I 
have already read all of Blavatsky and Judge and many many more, and I still 
don't understand the "real purpose of the TM" except possibly to provide a 
very nice worldview for those who are ready to accept it. I have yet to 
confront any "dark forces" and so can't speak to that one. >>

Well, your blindness is your business. And, you said it, you just read all 
those works -- entirely superficially, I might assume, judging from your 
remarks... But, did you study them carefully with a deep understanding that 
they must have had a deeper purpose that merely "to provide a very nice 
worldview for those who are ready to accept it" or to give you some "magic" 
for your personal head trips? Do you think HPB was a fool to waste her life 
for such trivial purposes? All one has to do is ask what was the purpose of 
the 3 objects of the TM, and then follow the path HPB laid down for 
prospective Adepts who might become the "companions" necessary to do the work 
in the 21st century to save the human race from being destroyed and set back 
another million years, by its own follies. Maybe we need to learn what the 
meaning of the word "Adept" is, and what would be the nature of one who can 
call himself that, and why it's necessary at this time in our history for 
many such beings to appear (to each other) and start working together on the 
higher planes. 

<<<It seems to me that if this knowledge, conviction, self realization, and 
concurrent awakening of compassion or conscience (and its link to the 
emotions) can be achieved by each of us independently -- then we could come 
together in sufficient numbers at a predetermined time and place (possibly, 
even, in lucid dreams), and, by mutually aligning the spin directions of the 
primal forces within each of us, begin to telepathically project (on the 
higher mental planes) self reinforced images related to this unity of Life. 
If so, mightn't such a powerful projection lead to the joining of many other 
receptive minds into ever larger growing circles of a peaceful and 
compassionate Universal Brotherhood -- without any single "leader" at its 
head? >>>

<<I find it fascinating that just by changing some words around, making it 
sound sciency, that magic is now acceptable. Getting people together on the 
inner planes to create powerful thought-forms is magic. If those 
thought-forms are meant to help others, then it is white magic. And indeed, 
such groups already exist. They are part of what G de Purucker called the 
Hierarchy of Compassion.>>

Well, if you know they exist -- other than as the Masters hiding out in the 
Himalayas, or operating as bodiless intelligence's on the higher cosmic 
planes (all of whom can't interfere with our mental/physical karma) that 
Perucker spoke about -- I wish you would tell me who they are. Especially, 
those white magician groups here in America -- so we can bring them together 
and counteract those "black magicians" (Members of Skull and Bones and other 
"black" Masonic societies) in government power today, who are leading the 
whole world to hell. 

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

<<Jerry S.

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