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RE: Scientific correlations with theosophy

Feb 05, 2003 07:40 PM
by leonmaurer

Leon, There is nothing wrong with trying to correlate Theosophy and science. 
I have done so myself, and find it fascinating. But we do have to be honest, 
and we have to carefully point out to readers the differences between models 
of reality and reality itself. All we as human beings can do using language 
is to model reality. Modeling is a well-known science today. Every model has 
initial assumptions, limitations and constraints, input of some kind, and 
logical output which is usually in the form of predictions. By interpreting 
the SD as a model (and a very good one) with the three propositions as 
assumptions, I have learned a great deal about Theosophy (at least I like to 
think so). In such modeling, we translate experiential knowledge, which can 
only be directly experienced, into intellectual knowledge that can be 
communicated to others.

That's right. But a model can also be a true picture of phenomenal reality 
-- whenever the predictions it makes leads to an experiment or observation 
that verifies it. However, so long as there are unverified predictions, all 
science can do is call the model a theory, until it is either proven or 
disproved... e.g.; Einstein's theory of relativity, while proven in part, 
still has predictions for which there has not yet been any observational or 
experimental evidence. 

Actually, the SD in all its metaphysical teachings of Cosmogenesis gave us a 
working model of universal reality on all seven planes, or fields of 
consciousness. My ABC theory of the relationships between consciousness, 
mind, and mass-energy or what we call "matter," brings that theosophical 
model into conformance with the currently accepted theories of physical 
science. This physical world, whether considered Maya or not, is the reality 
that we are living with and the only place where the living beings and the 
place they live in can be manipulated and changed -- and, therefore has to be 
dealt with as such. We can only work on this plane with the tools we have on 
hand. And, since the self does exist as a non illusion within the phenomenal 
Cosmos, its the only place that we can determine our own as well as our group 
or race karma -- by the thoughts we have and the willful actions we perform, 
both individually and collectively. So, to make the theosophical model 
consistent with the scientific theories, gives us a better understanding of 
how the energy transformations between the separate coadunate but not 
consubstantial fields of consciousness (including the physical field and its 
energies) work in coenergetic unity with each other.

But we also need to keep in mind that the entire manvantaric 7-planes that we 
are modeling are mayavic in that on every plane we experience a self that is 
separate from a not-self. When we experience nonduality or Beness, we have no 
more separation, we make no more superimpositions, and we find ourselves 
totally outside of this manvantaric solar system and without maya.

That's all well and good for each individual to keep in mind for his self 
realization and with respect to his own karma. But, just because our Earth 
and ourselves may be Maya from the point of view of the Spiritual 
consciousness, doesn't mean we can sit back and let it evolve by itself 
without taking individual and group responsibility for the welfare of all 
life that is presently experiencing this reality. 

Rather than see it as a religion, I prefer to deal with theosophy as a means 
the Masters gave us to use as a tool, -- not only to change our own 
individual karma, but that of the entire race -- in order to recover the lost 
million years of retarded evolution due to the inability of most of Mankind 
to recognize their own spiritual unity, and their past (and present) 
practicing of all the "seven sins of separateness" since the beginning of 
this fifth sub racial cycle of humanity.

While it has the same roots of esoteric Buddhism, theosophy was not given to 
us solely for our individual salvation. For that purpose, exoteric Buddhism 
is sufficient unto itself. If you understand it from the point of view of 
the Masters, theosophy was disclosed primarily for the training of 
prospective Adepts -- who must learn how to work as a group on the higher 
planes for the salvation of the human race on this physical plane. That's 
why the SD is primarily a textbook on metaphysics. "Changing the minds of 
the race" (as HPB said was the purpose of the theosophical movement) to fully 
realize the reality of karma and reincarnation, and recognize their 
responsibility to all "life," and thus, become a Universal Brotherhood in 
fact, takes more than simply turning them into religious blind believers. It 
take the ability to manipulate the energies and images of the mind. First 
comes a nucleus, then, a cell, then a seed, and finally a tree. That's what 
real "practical theosophy" is all about. Let them that hear, hear, and them 
that see, see. 

The SD is a working model of our mayavic Earth manvantaric planetary chain. 
This fact should be part of our initial assumptions in any working model we 

Agreed. But, it is also a good idea to have a working model, in physical 
terms, that is not only consistent with all the material science that is 
currently available, but also with the theosophical metaphysics that conforms 
with the fundamental principles that underlie all the teachings of theosophy 
related to the workings of karma, the interrelationships of the 7 planes, 
fields or states of consciousness, and also explains the energy basis of the 
psychical powers available to the human mind. 

But, as I said above, the SD is not what theosophy is all about, It's only a 
tool for the application of "practical theosophy" -- that can change the mind 
of the entire race in a very short time. This would be as plain as the noses 
on our faces if only we read ALL the writings of Blavatsky and Judge 
(including their Master's letters) and culled out the real purpose of the TM, 
and how to carry it out. That's what I did... And all the nay sayers can 
stay blind and keep plugging away in the service (knowingly or unknowingly) 
of the dark forces that want to thwart us in our purpose. If we all would 
see it, and do it, they wouldn't have a chance in hell.

[Leon] previously
Check out the following web site to see how this theory of "self organized 
criticality" might correlate with the branching evolutionary tree of root 
race, sub race, family race, etc. -- as described "orally" and "graphically" 
by HPB in the SD. (Remember my previous discussion of the value of reading 
the SD out loud with proper word emphasis and sentence inflections, or 

As an observation for the benefit of the more advanced students of theosophy; 
The paper of which this evolution segment is a part, also gives us a fairly 
good idea of how the SOC theory might correlate with the metaphysics of 
Cosmogenesis... Provided we can see such involution/evolution as a descending 
and ascending series of triune spherical fields of consciousness emanating -- 
fractally and cyclically, analogously and correspondingly in time, like 
triune (monadic) bubbles within bubbles within bubbles, etc., ad infinitum -- 
out of and returning into each coadunate zero-point-instant-spinergy... That, 
together, comprise an infinite well of force, matter/energy, awareness and 
will. If such a process can be realized intuitively in one's open-mind, by 
experiencing it simultaneously through all five sensory channels, and 
correlating such a "vision" with the one "Life" as it exists on Earth in all 
its myriad forms -- it can lead to instant enlightenment.

It seems to me that if this knowledge, conviction, self realization, and 
concurrent awakening of compassion or conscience (and its link to the 
emotions) can be achieved by each of us independently -- then we could come 
together in sufficient numbers at a predetermined time and place (possibly, 
even, in lucid dreams), and, by mutually aligning the spin directions of the 
primal forces within each of us, begin to telepathically project (on the 
higher mental planes) self reinforced images related to this unity of Life. 
If so, mightn't such a powerful projection lead to the joining of many other 
receptive minds into ever larger growing circles of a peaceful and 
compassionate Universal Brotherhood -- without any single "leader" at its 

Could this be what the Masters had in mind by giving us the three fundamental 
principles, the teachings of occult metaphysics of genesis or "self 
creation," and the "three objects" of the "Theosophical Movement"? What is 
the point of becoming their Chelas -- if not to help them complete the work 
begun by HPB here in the US -- where the "Dark Force" is now rearing its 
Medusa head? Weren't such theosophical workers spoken of by them as, "the 
Companions," the "warriors" of peace who would come together in this current 
cycle of the Movement and be prepared for such group counteractions? Isn't 
the time just about ripe? Do we know how long the window of opportunity will 
remain open, as we see the dark side gathering their forces for their 
impending military-industrial takeover of the world -- along with the 
concurrent loss of all individual liberty and human rights we fought so hard 
to establish in America in the 18th Century during the first cycle of the 
modern Theosophical Movement? Was not the "Declaration of Independence" and 
the "Bill of Rights" in the US Constitution written by theosophists? Can we 
abandon them now in this third and last cycle of the Movement? 

Be aware, that just now the Dark Forces are spinning their black magic 
through the "glamour" thrown out by their "spin doctors" into the mass media 
to prepare the sheep for the slaughter. At such a time, when the door to 
magic is opened by the forces of evil, is when the Masters can act through us 
on the inner planes. If we can act soon enough, we may be able to halt this 
rush to war before the bombs and bullets begin to fly and human beings begin 
to die. 

Maybe we should think and talk about this a bit more. 
(Who can bring up the references where HPB (or WQJ) spoke of this coming 
bloodless battle we have to fight? Did they lay down any guidelines or put 
up any signposts?)


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