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Per Bak

Feb 04, 2003 00:17 AM
by Mic Forster

Coincidence or no I just had a good one then. Thanks
to Leon's latest post I now know why I never received
a reply from Per Bak when I sent him an email late
last year: he had passed away in October:

Theosophists should take their hats off to Per Bak as
he provided simple and beautiful science that, I
believe, will eventually go some way to either prove
or disprove HPB. Bak was one of the founders of
complexity science and formulated the theory of
self-organized criticality. If any of you don't know
about this theory I strongly suggest you find out
about asap. It affords tremendous insight and I for
one am greatful that this gentleman graced this Earth
during our current existence.

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