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Feb 13, 2003 04:40 PM
by Mic Forster

After the Bali bombing last year I sent a post to this
list lamenting the fact that because Australia had
blindly followed the murderous and suppressive foreign
policy of the US we received our karma in that blast.
Over this past week one of the main characters in the
plot admitted that they only wanted to kill Americans
and not any other nationality. So I now apologise for
tying that event with Australia's karma. I forget now
who it was but someone said that there was no
indication that Australians were directly targeted in
the bombing. Several of the players in the Bali
bombing have since regretted the fact that
Australians, and other nationalities apart from
Americans, died in the incident. So I apologise for
the comments made in the following post and the two
subsequent posts I replied to this:

However, I still stand by the fact that Bush is an
idiot and for this I will never apologise.

Regards to All,
Mic Forster

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