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Re: Theos-World hybrid offshoot/a direct consequence of the bloody riots

Feb 13, 2003 04:21 PM
by Theo Paijmans

Hi Bart,

As much as I would have wanted it that way, that was not the case:
- Germany abandoned the invasion of England after it lost the battle of Britain
- it lost its 6th Army at Stalingrad
- Germany lost the biggest tank battle ever, at Kursk, 1943
- England - although having won the Battle of Britain because Germany made wrong
strategic decisions - was no match (see Dunkirk) and thus played no part in the
Eastern Front war
- it was Russia where Germany was bled to death.

Kind regards,


Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Theo Paijmans wrote:
> > Well, it wasn't exactly the Americans who liberated France and Germany, as
> > they entered the war on European soil in 1944, one year before the 2nd world
> > war ended. The same, by the way in the 1st world war, when America entered in
> > 1917, again, a year before the war ended. Of course, the Canadian/American
> > efforts did contribute to the final outcome.
> >
> > Nazi Germany was almost brought to its knees in 1944 owing to the relentless
> > Russian offensives. Nazi Germany would sooner or later have collapsed through
> > the sheer devastation of these offenses.
> Britain was on the verge of collapse. If Britain fell, Germany would
> have been able to turn its full attention to the Soviet Union, which was
> on the verge of falling, itself.
> Bart Lidofsky
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