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Re: Theos-World Brain-Mind and Consciousness Studies, some references from BA Goswami

Jan 09, 2003 02:22 PM
by wry

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Subject: Theos-World Brain-Mind and Consciousness Studies, some references
from BA Goswami

Subject: re karmic preferences/tendencies manifesting as Theosophy,
RC, Bhakti yoga, science, history, etc ...


The History

<<<The Bhaktivedanta Institute cherishes the privilege to have started
the world's first graduate degree program (M.S./Ph.D.) in the rapidly
emerging field of consciousness studies.>>>

Wry; How can you "cherish the privilege" to have done something which you
have already done?"

>>It is my
opinion that though consciousness is a 'philosophical' problem, only
by appealing to the foundational issues of theoretical physics, we
might be able to solve it.>>

Wry: Consciousness is not a problem. It is people who are not fully
conscious but are functioning mechanically and from motives of which they
are not even aware who are causing all of the problems of humanity. When a
human being becomes fully conscious, his intelligent doing will reorganize
material in such a way that many problems will be easily solved and others
around him will do the same.

>My research interest is the famous 'EPR
Paradox', the problem of non-locality and how this relates to
consciousness studies. The Bhaktivedanta institute has given me the
opportunity to do this unique research on two very important aspects
of scientific inquiry: EPR paradox and Consciousness. With its
completely 'different' research approach, the institute is bound to
emerge as one of the premier institutes within the frontiers of
science, in the near future.>>>snip

Wry: Which "you" will cherish.

I am very interested in science, myself. The problem is that the only way a
person can study consciousness is by studying himself AS HE IS and not as he
THINKS he is. It is the "as he thinks he is" which creates a lag, by which
not only does everything involving human relationship and housekeeping of
the earth cease to function at optimum, but which skews any data, as all
data will always be subjectively selected. Only by PAYING ATTENTION can
questions about locality be fully resolved, as, at the peak of the pyramid,
material reorganizes into a plane. I got a sense from a previous writing of
yours about transcendence that you understood this (a little), but now I
wonder. Sadly, scientists tend to miss this, no matter how brilliant and
sincere they are, and I have seen this time and time again. Wry

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