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Re: Theos-World re Wry's newest long list of complaints about Mauri

Jan 09, 2003 02:34 PM
by Bill Meredith

From: "wry" <>

> Hi. To me this is not funny. When you are communicating and you use a term
> which is not understood and someone asks you for an example to illustrate
> it, you should be glad to.

Can you explain what a honey-maker is and what a honey-maker does?
Can you explain how you have come to consider yourself and HPB both as

I believe you have not done so because you are
> not able to do so, as you do not even know what this term means or what
> are even talking about. This kind of dishonesty is at the core of all
> corruption.


p.s. Wry, I enjoy Mauri's posts. They are very effective. You read them
don't you? It makes no sense for you to continue (for months) reading the
posts of a person whom you consider dishonest and unable to communicate in a
meaningful way unless .... (1) you secretly you envy Mauri and/or (2) you
USE Mauri as your own foil in which case you are much like you perceive
Jerry to be.


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