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Re: Theos-World re Wry's newest long list of complaints about Mauri

Jan 09, 2003 01:42 PM
by wry

Hi. To me this is not funny. When you are communicating and you use a term
which is not understood and someone asks you for an example to illustrate
it, you should be glad to. I believe you have not done so because you are
not able to do so, as you do not even know what this term means or what you
are even talking about. This kind of dishonesty is at the core of all human
corruption. As I have suggested before, on Universal Seeker, I believe it is
a hostility game, the aim of which is not to communicate anything, but to
express hostility and thereby avoid intimacy. What you say getting Gerald to
start complaining is sheer repulsive gibberish and not funny. In an
interesting kind of way, humor can organize and cut the grease (like the
chicken jokes) and perhaps serve a purpose on occasion of releasing tension
in such a way that we can all come together and cross over a certain road,
but your joke doesn't do this. It is a hostility joke. Of course, if you
make such jokes, no real communication will occur, which is, I believe, your
covert intention and this kind of joke is yet another signal that you do not
really want communication to occur. Jerry needs you as a foil for his
pontification. The two fof you function as an odd couple who distort
material even further. I have made many sincere attempts to communicate
with you. Wry

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Subject: Theos-World re Wry's newest long list of complaints about Mauri

> Wry, more or less ever since I first joined up with the lists
> on Blavatsky Net, (which was about four and a half years
> ago, maybe), I've had negative responses to my posts. I
> know, by now, that much of my intended meaning doesn't
> seem to be getting across as intended. But there seem to
> be some people out there, like Gerald, apparently, who
> don't seem to be complaining too much, so ... So maybe if
> you can get that Gerald to start complaining too, well ...
> hee hee
> Speculatively,
> Mauri
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