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Jan 09, 2003 02:53 PM
by dalval14

Jan 9 2003

Dear Thomas:

Glad you got my drift.

But for a still more important statement look in your copy of MAHATMA
LETTERS (Barker's edition) pp. 266-68, there is much there that leads
to "soul-searching."

These gems as you call them are of course not mine but belong to the
Masters from whom statements are made from time to time to awaken us
to our real potentials. We can profit from them if we are attentive,
and then seek the basis for the lesson being offered. If at first our
reaction is something like: "I don't need this." Then we can be sure
that we do. All the effort is ours, always.

People who desire special positions disdain a consistent reference to
the "fundamentals." Why? Because if reduces their lower-self esteem
immediately to the norm -- to that of a struggling Soul along with all
other Souls.

We can never escape from the great Brotherhood of ALL BEINGS, as a
matter of spiritual fact. So what is it in us that subtle, or
otherwise, desires "recognition ?" Only the selfish and
self-seeking-recognition asked for, begged for, by the lower self. If
we have any traces of vanity or of authority, those come to the fore,
and we have an opportunity to control them. Before the ONE LAW of the
UNIVERSE we are all equals, wise and ignorant alike.

That is why I say, following the teachings, ( TRANSACTIONS OF THE
BLAVATSKY LODGE pp 66 -76, and S D II 167, 254-5; I 225, 247,
573 ) there is in us the HIGHER SELF -- ATMA, to whom the highest
aspect of the material personality -- BUDDHI is inextricably linked.
Since the beginning of the existence of the MONAD -- which means
"eternity," this link has persisted and will continue to persist. But
this interior HIGHER SELF of ours, which is to be understood as being
a "Ray" of the universal ATMAN, is actually supplemented (?) by a
Divine Resident -- a "Tutor." That is as I understand it: -- this
resident Tutor is a perfected Man who has become perfected through his
own efforts. He extends without hope of recognition or recompense the
hand and the wisdom of Brotherhood. And it is He who sacrifices ( see
S D I 207 - 210) his DIVINITY to assist in the development of a
fresh - a new perfected MAN-MIND. We are the recipients o f this
benefaction, and through the study of the fundamentals of Theosophy we
become aware of this -- a priceless opportunity.

This Divine Tutor, In doing this (as it is a matter of patient
sacrifice) never interferes with the free-choice process, by which,
the self-purifying Lower-Mind is making the effort to refine the lower
aspects of "matter," which as monads of "lesser experience" are
aggregated around it by affinity and Karma -- as the "skandhas" the
"little lives." .

If that is true, then we, as Consciousnesses are immortals, and always
growing in spiritual perception if we will espouse the impartial and
the universal point of view and make these the standard for our own
life and guidance. Nothing else is worth that. But we are not likely
to be readily understood.

Well see if you can agree to this, and if possible, look up those
pages I quote from.

Best wishes as always,



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Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 5:48 AM
Subject: GURUS AND CHELAS -- a Note

Dear Dallas:

Thanks for your message on Guru - Chela relationships. It was a very
and CLEAR posting . I agree with what you have shared with the list
the special relationship that CAN exist between those beings of higher
learning and those who are just the students.

Please note I used the word CAN by which in meaning does the Chela
allow him
or her self to enter into the divine relationship in which higher
instruction can be given.

The Guru is always there patiently waiting for those of us who choose
walk thru the doorway and enter into a world of higher KNOWLEDGE,


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