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Re: Theos-World Re: Daniel C.Caldwell quer and constant insultive behaviour.

Nov 30, 2002 02:56 AM
by leonmaurer

Point taken... And mirrored back to you. You defend them your crude way, and 
I'll keep on defending theosophy and those students and teachers whom they 
have been attacking here for the past year -- my way. If anyone doesn't like 
it, they are free to throw such "calling a spade a spade" in the trash bin. 
In any event, I sincerely hope you are not one of them. In any event, maybe 
you should read all the correspondence related to these people (apparently, 
one person faking his/her way here under different names) and let us know 
which side you are on.


In a message dated 11/28/02 7:30:25 PM, writes:

>I find YOUR post, this one, highly insuling, and 'in your face finger 
>pointing' too. Take your own advice and shut the ..... up....

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