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Re: Theos-World Re: Daniel C.Caldwell quer and constant insultive behaviour.

Nov 28, 2002 01:35 PM
by leonmaurer

Here they go again -- with the same old dishonest gutter propaganda 
techniques used earlier by Brian's alter ego, Brigitte ... Smearing a few 
individuals based on their personal foibles, who were leaders of one 
particular theosophical organization, and using that to condemn the whole 
vast worldwide group of honorable theosophists, and parallel thinking 
metaphysicists, ontologists, occultists and religious philosophers. Guilt by 
association is one of their most favored tactics. 

It's the same pattern of "big lie" propaganda tricks used by the Nazi's and 
all other anti-religious, anti racial, or anti philosophical propagandists -- 
who's motivations are based on personal or political prejudices and hatreds. 

To also use such a narrow targeted smear campaign to condemn the validity of 
fundamental theosophical metaphysics, along with its moral predicates, and 
the credibility of its teachers, is the lowest form of fallacious 
argumentation. What do the actions of ANY personalities have to do with the 
fundamental teachings that have be considered solely on their inherent 
philosophically and scientifically sound reasonableness? How do the personal 
activities or opinions of any individuals relate to the principles, beliefs 
or ideals of any group they might be associated with? 

The poisonous, polemic garbage spewing out of the mouth of this writer should 
be relegated to the trash bin... Since, counter arguments or defenses, just 
lead to greater and greater floods of similar meaningless and even more 
vicious propaganda. 


In a message dated 11/24/02 12:53:44 PM, writes:

>Do place the records of the courtprocedure where people of youir 
>above misjudgement caliber where defending the molestating behaviour 
>of Charles Leadbeater in court. Place the proceedings on line if you are
>honest and qwe can all discuss them.
>There are other patterns fitting into your behaviour. George Arundale,
>for example, defended Leadbeater child molestation charges on the 
>grounds that "the extraordinary purity of his own life enables him to 
>handle, as no other teacher, as no other individual, would dare to 
>handle, problems of vital moment to the growing youth."( General 
>Report of the Forty-seventh Anniversary and Convention of the TS 1922,
>Adyar, Madras: Theosophical Publishing House 1923,p.13.)
>Besant herself argued regarding the child molestation charges brought 
>against Leadbeater in court, that occult morality "cares for realities
>conventions" and concluded, "I speak on this as an Occultist. 'He that
>able to receive it [this teaching], let him receive it."( "A Letter to
>Members of the Theosophical Society," November 1908, 5-6,111/46F, 
>Theosophical Society members continually invoked his authority as an 
>eminent occultist in defending his actions. For example, William Glenny
>Keagey's "General Memorandum" on the subject pronounced 
>Leadbeater's "qualifications for expressing an authoritative opinion on
>the subject to be exceptional." (W G. Keagey, "General Memorandum on 
>the Recent Attack against Mr. Leadbeater," 21 November 1906, 2, 6-7, 
>111/ 46M, TSE.)
>There are other testimonies made especially during the various court 
>hearings of the child molestation charges. I just received photocopies
>all of them, but it is a 56cm high pile, so it will take me a few days
>work through all of them. Tomorrow I will start by placing following 
>article plus any reactions to it. And I hope to place a Leadbeater 
>courtcase article within 3 days, at which time I will move on to other
>subjects on "Esoteric and Pseudo-Science News."
>A book is being written about this rediquolous behaviour of theosophists
>in Dezember this year.
>Maybe you will learn from that to behave as litter more cultivated : 

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