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Re: Theos-World Re: So was this materialization/precipitation "a big CON" too?

Nov 28, 2002 12:28 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/23/02 11:40:55 PM, writes:

> wrote:
>> Appreciate your quoting such documentation, or giving me some 
>> references -- (preferably on the web, if possible). My father, a 
>> master chemist, occultist, stage magician, show producer, and good 
>> friend of Houdini, demonstrated how Moses pulled off his trick of 
>> turning his real staff to a snake and back to a staff -- to defeat the
>> snake trick of the Egyptian Priests (which my dad told me were simple
>> tricks of alchemy). However, since I suspect that there isn't any 
>> real evidence that Moses' trick had anything to do with paralyzing a
>> real snake, as claimed by Brian/Bridgitte, I'd like to confirm this.
> I didn't know your father was Walter Gibson. 

Afraid I don't know who Gibson is. But I don't suppose my dad had a monopoly 
on those sort of connections -- which is a very small part of describing who 
he was or his credibility in knowing how Moses' tricks worked.

> Over the years, my magic (stage) library has steadily decreased. It's
>not in any of my current volumes, and, as it reveals how tricks are
>done, it is not likely to be on the web (I looked anyway, using a BUNCH
>of different search terms and phrases). I had read it in at least three
>history of magic books; two used the wood explanation, one gave as
>alternatives the wood and the paralyzed snake theories. The last also
>gave detailed explanations of Egyptian temple hydraulics, so I would not
>dismiss the "minority report" out of hand. 

I think that carved wood (or natural wood, since there are many tree branches 
that grow in the necessary spiral shape) is the most likely contender for the 
snake-staff Moses used. I tried this trick myself, using a walking stick I 
made from a wild cherry tree whose branch had the correct diminishing cycle 
spiral shape with an arched handle at the head end. When I threw the stick 
down on the floor (in front of half a dozen people I came to meet in small 
hotel lobby) with the remark "Here's my pet king snake, oops!" -- and it 
slithered wiggly across the floor and under a couch -- everyone jumped up in 
horror and ran outside. Later, when I got them to come back with the 
assurance that the snake was harmless and probably hiding in the dark under 
the couch -- they were amazed when I reached under it and pulled out a 
walking stick that they all had seen me with for at least a year. This is 
perfect example of how the power of suggestion and misdirection, or as HPB 
called it, "glamour," works. It works even better if you use an incense 
stick made out of hashish to fog people's minds a bit. :-) 

Did you ever think that the Burning Bush that Moses talked to and got his 
inspirations from God, was a Cannabis Sativa that may have been struck by the 
lightning and thunder he heard while wandering in the desert? II wouldn't be 
surprised if that was the same oasis grove of trees where he found and carved 
his snake staff. Deserts, ocean rafts, and mountain tops can do that to you. 
I once did a weekend camp-out alone in the Mojave desert, and had one heck 
of a transcendental experience... And, even talked to my higher Self, or God, 
if you will (without any burning bushes, smoky dope, or chewy mushrooms.:-) 


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