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Theos-World Re: Daniel C.Caldwell quer and constant insultive behaviour.

Nov 30, 2002 07:51 AM
by Steve Stubbs


I think "netemara" is right. Since Brigitte is no longer a member of 
this group, I would suggest it would be well mannered of us to not 
attack her.

As for Leadbeater, being a pathological liar and an impostor who 
misrepresented himself as a mahatma "on the threshold of divinity" 
when in fact he was a homosexual pedophile strikes me as more than 
just a mere foible. You ought to sit on juries for a living. You 
are a defense attorney's dream. I saw a Theosophical documentary one 
time in which they said he "clairvoyantly" saw Krishnamurti as a new 
world teacher or some garbage like that. What he saw was a kid he 
wanted to abuse. That is the real reason Krishnamurti left the 
Theosophical Society in disgust. Then because of the abuse 
Krishnamurti ended up a lifelong pervert just like Leadbeater, 
Jinarajadasa, Babula, and Damodar, who thought women were disgusting 
and told his wife to take a hike. Even the person who used the 
initials "K.H." is said to have been so repelled by women he refused 
to speak to his own sister. There were Leadbeaters everywhere. I 
guess I am just not politically correct, since I find all this rather 
distasteful. The only thing Leadbeater was on the threshold of was 
discovery and jail. Divine he was not.

In response to your question whether the Theosophical Society should 
be condemned for this, the answer is YES! Now that they have been 
condemned, let me suggest we just put the whole matter aside.

--- In theos-talk@y..., leonmaurer@a... wrote:
> Point taken... And mirrored back to you. You defend them your 
crude way, and 
> I'll keep on defending theosophy and those students and teachers 
whom they 
> have been attacking here for the past year -- my way. If anyone 
doesn't like 
> it, they are free to throw such "calling a spade a spade" in the 
trash bin. 
> In any event, I sincerely hope you are not one of them. In any 
event, maybe 
> you should read all the correspondence related to these people 
> one person faking his/her way here under different names) and let 
us know 
> which side you are on.
> LHM 
> In a message dated 11/28/02 7:30:25 PM, netemara888@y... writes:
> >I find YOUR post, this one, highly insuling, and 'in your face 
> >pointing' too. Take your own advice and shut the ..... up....
> >
> >Netemara
> >

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