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re "More on Suicide"

Nov 30, 2002 09:30 AM
by Mauri

Dallas wrote: <<Illustrate that in this way: Here is a man 
who has the capacity to go on living for 30 or 40 years • ‘ 
goes against him; he thinks that he can get rid of all his 
misfortunes by committing suicide; that is, he thinks that if 
he blows his head off, he will be annihilated. Now, he
is “annihilated,” so far as this life is concerned. He takes a 
shot, puts a bullet through his heart or brain, and we say, 
“He is dead; that is the end of him.” It is, for this 
incarnation. But is the man annihilated? No • He merely 
lost what he had so far gained in this incarnation and what 
he might have gained, and in the next incarnation he has to 
begin all over again——plus the tendency to come to the 
same conclusion.>>

Related to that, there's a book called "Life Between Life" 
by Joel L. Whitton, MD., Ph.D. and Joe Fisher, from 
Warren Books, in paperback. It's about the effects of 
past-life actions in the present, with plenty of detailed 
case histories as brought out under hypnosis.

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