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Re: Theos-World More on Suicide

Nov 30, 2002 02:34 PM
by Mic Forster

Nisk98114 wrote:
>the individual (a woman) said she saw the whole
>panarama of all the events that took her to the
>point of taking her life 

This reminds me of some readings I did a few years
ago. Unfortunately my memory has also deserted me on
this one but from what I can remember many people that
had died but then were brought back to life described
seeing this "whole panarama of all events" that took
place in that individual's life. This author attempted
to explain these "visions" in the light of science.
He/she (can't remember) basically said that when we
die the oxygen in our brains is slowly lost. As this
process occurs we have these hallucinations of events
that have occurred in our life. The much observed
phenomenon of "going to the light" when we die is
merely the extinguishing of oxygen in our brain and
the "light" is that final suffocation of the brain. I
distinctly remember the author saying that this was a
cool evolutionary adaptation that allowed that final
phase of life to be a trip on the hippie love boat.
I'm not saying I necessarily agree with this but it
was a neat explanation, perhaps too neat?

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