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Re: Theos-World More on Suicide

Nov 30, 2002 07:19 AM
by Nisk98114

> Nov 29 2002
> Dear friends:
> Here are some more statements on Suicide.
> --------------------
> Illustrate that in this way: Here is a man who has the capacity to go
> on living for 30 or 40 years • ‘ goes against him; he thinks that he
> can get rid of all his misfortunes by committing suicide; that is, he
> thinks that if he blows his head off, he will be annihilated. Now, he
> is “annihilated,” so far as this life is concerned. He takes a shot,
> puts a bullet through his heart or brain, and we say, “He is dead;
> that is the end of him.” It is, for this incarnation. But is theman
> annihilated? No • He merely lost what he had so far gained in this
> incarnation and what he might have gained, and in the next incarnation
> he has to begin all over again——plus the tendency to come to the same
> conclusion.
> The suicide says, in effect, “I would rather cease to be than goon
> being as I am,” and the very fact of suicide ought to enable us,when
> we dwell on it as an analogy, to see how it is that when the latter
> part of the Fifth Round comes, myriads upon myriads of men, unable to
> face the accumulated Karma of the Manvantara——not merelythe
> precipitated Karma of a single lifetime—will say, “I would rather be
> out of it; I would prefer extinction to this.” They have made their
> choice, just as any one living today makes his individual choice.
> Every year there are thousands upon thousands of suicides; thousands
> upon thousands of adult, reasoning men and women come to that point of
> tangled threads in one single incarnation where they say, “I would
> rather be annihilated than struggle with this, than face this.” That
> is a deliberate choice. When they have to face the precipitation, not
> of one life time but of thousands of lifetimes, what are these people
> going to do? Will not many of them make the same choice again? And
> then that means that they will lose all consciousness of separative,
> individual existence. So, when the new Manvantara opens, they will
> begin just as is spoken of in the Third Fundamental——they have to pass
> through every elemental form until they regain the level at which they
> quit in this cycle. Then only is Manas waked up in them.
> ----------------------------------
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
There was a video made of NDE's (near death experiences) made in the late 
eighties(i think it was called Life after Death, but memory , unfortunately 
does not serve well on this) and in that video they covered 2 attempted 
suicides. One thing that struck this student is the remarks of one of them 
that still stands out in my mind is the individual (a woman) said she saw the 
whole panarama of all the events that took her to the point of taking her 
life but that she was made seemingly to see it over and over and over again 
however she was also able to see cause and the sorrow and suffering  
transmitted to others from her act and was unable to change anything about 
it. (sounds like hell to me with a touch of heaven). The light she saw ,or so 
she said, gave her the impetus to change , after she was "forced" back into 
her body, some of the original points that previously she had ignored in her 
life and listening to her she even seemed brighter inwardly , but, many of us 
don't get that "second chance" in an incarnation and things get forgotten 
thereby there really is this "living" a certain portion over and over again 
without learning the lesson.Kinda like writing "i will not something..."  
over and over again on a blackboard in school without the actual cause being 
attended to. I'll try to get the exact title and author of the video if 
anyone is interested, if possible, it's in a local library

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