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Re: Theos-World Brian's latest posting

Nov 27, 2002 04:26 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

So Brian are you telling us that I too could get a website on the 
SAME server as your website is located? Are you telling us that you 
don't have to be affiliated with the University of Vienna to have a 
website on that server? 


Gee, I could put up a mirror site of Blavatsky Archives. That way 
our friend from Germany couldn't say the University of Vienna is anti-
Blavatsky, etc. :)

If I got such a site, are you telling me that I could even start 
signing my emails:

Daniel Caldwell (University of Vienna)

Yeah, and our German friend and perhaps the thinking part among the theosophists, too, would me much more happy if they could say that not only the University of Myalba but all the other Universities of the former Habsburg power territory are not the worst enemies of Blavatsky. I am just reminded to Miss Astrid Kury's 2000 dissertation an Occultism and modern arts in Vienna with a strange chapter about HPB and the theosophists in the style of Peter Washington, Marion Meade, etc. - done at the University of Graz, which is another big city in Austria.
For information about that hodge-podge of prejudices and slanders on HPB see under: 

If it is right that Socialism and Communism ("We are all equal") in its several variations was invented by the background power in the Vatican to destroy the Protestant movement in Germany, then it is no wonder why the ruling red caps and the pupils of the Frankfurt school in Austria (and also in Germany) are so furious about HPB, as Theosophy was brought to the West to stop Socialism under all its masks.

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